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The Best and Worst Dressed in Hollywood this Week

We pit eight stars head to head for a little style battle.
The Best and Worst Dressed in Hollywood this Week We pit eight stars head to head for a little style battle.

This week we decided to shake things up a bit and check out what the stars on the other side of the world are doing fashion-wise. See who we think slayed and who fell off fashion’s good graces this week.

BATTLE OF THE BLACK OOTD: Taylor Swift vs. Kendall Jenner

(Michael Wright, Wenn)

Best: Taylor Swift

After disappointing us at the Grammys with her Dunkin Donut-colored ensemble, Taylor makes a comeback in her all-black look for a shopping day at Isabel Marant. It's simple and makes her red lip the focus of the OOTD. 


(Ivan Nikolov, Wenn)

Worst: Kendall Jenner 

For the reveal of Kendall's wax figure at Madame Tussauds, the model Kardashian wore a sleeveless zipper dress with thigh high booties. To be honest, the dress isn't so bad, but it could have been worn and styled differently. She could have fully opened the zipper and used it as a vest paired with jeans. This ensemble is so boring, we'd rather look at her wax figure.

BATTLE OF THE OFF-DUTY LOOK: Emma Roberts vs. Vanessa Hudgens


Best: Vanessa Hudgens

She may be wearing basic denim cutoffs, but her graphic shirt, fringed jacket, and booties pulled the look together. Clearly an image of how weekends are supposed to be: stylishly chill. 

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(Michael Wright, Wenn)

Worst: Emma Roberts

What the hell is she wearing? This outfit is not doing Chanel Oberlin any justice, that's for sure. Dear Emma, please never wear an animal print skirt with red, high cut Chuck Taylors, ever again. The two elements just clash and are not meant to be paired together. She also could have opted for an oversized black cotton V-neck (tucked or tied) instead of this baby tee. 

RED CARPET BATTLE: Karlie Kloss vs. Lily Collins


Best: Karlie Kloss

How can anyone go wrong with McQueen? Karlie killed it in her Alexander McQueen S/S 2016 lace paneled dress and fil coupe trousers topped off with a jeweled harness and bird knuckle box clutch. Boho chic wins this battle. 


(Brian To, Wenn)

Worst: Lily Collins

The mini sparkly stunner with a leather jacket over the shoulders isn't that bad...if you want to look like you're working the streets. We're just sad because we know Lily can do better than this.  

BATTLE OF THE BODYSUIT: Gigi Hadid vs. Jennifer Lopez

(Charlie Steffens,Wenn)

Best: Jennifer Lopez

If there are three shapely people in this world who can rock a sparkly bodysuit, they would have to be Beyonce, Rihanna, and J.Lo. Not a big fan of the style but you gotta admit, she's smokin' hot without being over the top. The vertical lines are cleaner compared to Gigi's mess (below). Also, the suit already flaunts every inch of her curvy figure, all it really needed was a bit of cleavage and nothing more.  


Worst: Gigi Hadid 

We all know that Gigi is this gen's hottest female model, but did she really have to show her skivvies like that? We're used to her rocking both her off-duty and red carpet OOTDs, so to see her look like a snake about to shed off her skin is a major disappointment.  

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