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Did You Know? A College Course on All Things Taylor Swift Actually Exists

You'll find it in New York University!
Swifties have long proven their excellent investigation skills, constantly coming up with fan theories regarding what their favorite singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, is working on next. But there's more to learn about the global pop icon than what's already out there, believe it or

Taylor Swift's Spectacular Gown in Her New Music Video Took 1,200 Hours to Make

She wore two gowns from Taiwanese label Nicole + Felicia in the music video for "I Bet You Think About Me"!
Following the release of Taylor Swift's second re-recorded album, Red (Taylor's Version), Swifties worldwide have essentially been having a total field day. In addition to gifting her fans a short film to accompany the 10-minute version of the anthemic track All Too

Meet the Filipino-American Cinematographer Behind Taylor Swift's New Music Video

Matthew Libatique has also worked on Black Swan, A Star is Born, and more Hollywood blockbusters!
Taylor Swift is not giving Swifties time to recover—not that anyone's complaining, of course! Shortly after the release of the short film for for All Too Well (Taylor's Version), the pop star dropped the music video for I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version).If

8 Viral Recipes by Celebrities That You Need to Try at Home

From Kylie Jenner's elevated instant ramen to Taylor Swift's famous eggnog cookies!
Celebrities often become celebrities for their many talents such as acting and/or singing, but what you probably don’t know is that some of them are actually great home cooks, too! Take supermodels Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen for example. Did you know that

Taylor Swift’s DIY Beauty Look Is Perfect for Your Everyday Makeup at Home

If Taylor Swift can do her own makeup and hair, you can too!
If you’ve haven’t caught news of Taylor Swift’s trending music video Cardigan—or her new hit album Folklore—where have you been? Since its release, we just can’t help but gush over the video’s ethereal backdrops, dreamy effects, and of course, the noticeably understated

Taylor Swift Supports PH's "Junk Anti-Terror Bill" Movement in an Instagram Story

The pop star is using her platform to highlight today's various social issues, including the Philippines' protest against the Anti-Terror Bill.
Amidst growing social unrest rooted from varying issues around the world including the Black Lives Matter Movement in America, Canada, and Australia, and the Junk Anti-Terror Bill protests in the Philippines, pop singer Taylor Swift is once again using her platform to speak

10 of the Best Netflix Documentaries You Need to Watch ASAP

Get a dose of reality with these intriguing documentaries.
If you're someone who religiously scrolls through Netflix for new content to watch, how about taking yourself out of your rom-com binge for a second and getting a dose of some hard-hitting reality with their selection of documentaries? Hear us out, whether

You Don't Need to Be a Fan of Taylor Swift to Appreciate "Miss Americana"

Forget the Kanye West drama! There are way better reasons to stream Netflix's "Miss Americana" right now.
Taylor Swift knows when and how to play her best cards. In a time where major pop stars each have their life stories told in documentaries and musical icons such as Queen and Elton John are honored through biopics, it was only

This Is the Fashion Trend Anna Wintour Hopes to Never See Again

As interviewed by Taylor Swift herself.
In this month’s edition of Vogue’s Ask Anna, instead of scouting out questions from random strangers in the street, the fashion magazine looked to Taylor Swift to do the honors—because why not?The brilliant pop star that she is, Taylor, of course, only asked