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How to Cop Michelle Dee's Model Off-Duty Look

You'll never guess how many hats she owns.
How to Cop Michelle Dee's Model Off-Duty Look
You'll never guess how many hats she owns.

Michelle Dee was born to be a model. After all, she does have supermodel and beauty queen Melanie Marquez as her mom. At 22, she managed to bag a modeling stint with local retail brand Bench and has even landed on the pages of Preview for a fashion editorial. Armed with her unique reverence for fashion that's founded on chic nonchalance, Dee—as she's fondly called by her peers—is certainly off to a great start. Take our word for it: this model on the rise will also become your new style inspo! 

In an interview with Preview, Dee tells us more about herself, along with some of her best-kept style and beauty secrets. Read all about it below.

1. Can you tell us about yourself?

"During my spare time, I love going to the gym and hanging out with friends. If I have more time on my plate, a quick out of town getaway (preferably to the beach) is a MUST."


2. How would you describe your style? 

"Very laid-back and chill, stylish but comfortable. I plan my outfits based on my agenda for the day. If there’s anything I hate, it’s being hassled by too many things so I like to plan accordingly. I also like flaunting my assets like my legs, shoulders and neck."

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3. Did you have any early influences that sparked your interest in clothes?

"I was very athletic growing up so it resonates in my outfits. Think Adrienne Ho or off-duty Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid."

4. What are your five wardrobe staples?

"Baseball cap, white sneaks, gold or silver necklace, eyewear, ring finger and middle finger rings."


5. What's the one trend you'd never be caught wearing?

"Hip hop, I think? You know those baggy jeans with chains hanging everywhere? Count me out. Haha!"

6. Do you have a fashion obsession?

"I think my friends would all agree that my collection would be hats. I probably have around 50 or so in total and I use 80% of that collection regularly. I don’t really know what sparked my obsession with it, but I love sporting a good hat and matching it with my OOTD."


7. What do you always have on hand when traveling?

"My phone!"

8. What's your style resolution this year?

"Tough one! I guess to switch it up a little and to make it more interesting overall."

9. What's the best fashion advice you've learned over time?

"Don’t compromise comfort for style. There’s always a way to satisfy both categories 100 percent."


10. Where do you usually shop?

"Bench, Zara, Aldo, Vera Moda"

11. If you had a uniform, what would it be?

"Cap, skinny jeans (ripped or not) or high waist shorts, crop top or any top that shows some skin, sneakers or boots."

12. Can you also share with us your beauty regimen?


"Water, a little Cetaphil here and there and more water! I don’t really put anything on my face other than makeup, but I make sure to keep my skin clean at all costs especially before bed. Here's a tip: Never sleep with makeup on! Otherwise, your skin will age five times faster."

13. Can you share with us a photograph that best captures your personality?


14. Which designer would you hire to design your wardrobe?

"Too many to mention!"

15. What's your current closet must-have?

"[Off the] top of my head: Gucci sneakers."

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