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This Summer Girl’s OOTDs Look Beach-Ready in the City

She takes boho to a whole other level.
Aliza Apostol (A.K.A. Chinky to her nearest and dearest and @mustlovemom on IG) lives for days where she can lay out all day at the beach where the sun shines the brightest. But when she’s not seaside, you’ll see her around the

This Fashionable Filipina Makes Uniform Dressing Look Super Chic

Her relaxed sense of style is all sorts of cool
Case in point: Pia See. She’s the woman behind online brand Unif0rm—Yes, that is a zero that stands in for the O—a local womenswear brand of everyday basics that run in silhouettes that each have a unique twist, be it a slouchy

5 Closet Must-Haves to Help You Achieve Japanese Minimalist Style

We talk with Chiyo Tagami, a stylish Japanese hairdresser.
Hailed as one of Preview's Best Dressed Girls back in 2015, Chiyo Tagami is a Japanese hairdresser who believes in simplicity. You can call her wardrobe precise and functional. Although she owns pieces from Lanvin and Balenciaga, there's nothing too flashy and

8 Style Lessons We Learned from Glaiza De Castro

See her fave accessory to wear!
Actress Glaiza De Castro marches to the beat of her own drum, especially when it comes to her fashion choices. Her bold spirit reflects her sartorial swing, which often involves statement-making details that set her apart from the crowd. Heavily influenced by

This Filipina Instagram Model Is Proud to Be a Hubadera

Angela Martinez believes that being 'shameless' is actually a good thing.
"You don't mind if I undo one more button?" I asked model Angela Martinez, known on Instagram as the fresh-faced, always-sexy @angelasburgers. As my hands hovered tentatively over the long denim jacket she'd brought along for the shoot, she only laughed and

This 60-Year-Old Reveals How She Keeps Her Style Youthful

With her evolving style, Susan Joven is in possession of eternal youth.
When asked to describe her way of dressing, Susan Joven, President of PR firm Visions and Expressions says that she can describe it in one word—fun. “The spirit comes first and then the clothes will follow,” she shares as she speaks about

Aira Medina of Neon Island Talks About Her Summer Style Staples

Sun-kissed hues are a mainstay for this stylish gal.
"I live for summer dressing!" Aira Medina, one-half of the fashion girls behind homegrown label Neon Island exclaims. It shouldn't be much of a shock given that the humidity here in the tropics calls for breezy dressing all year round. Citing her

Oh Wonder Talks About How They Keep Up With Their Jetset Life

The musicians shared some fashion and beauty tips that we all can use.
Preview got a chance to catch up with alternative synth pop duo Oh Wonder as the band recently visited Manila for a three-day mall tour. During which,  Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West described their music as "a musical comfort" that aims to cheer up its audience as they

Leila Alcasid Shares the Style Lessons She Learned From Her Mom

Comfort is key.
I first met Leila Alcasid at a Preview party. The singer-comedian Ogie Alcasid and 1994 Miss Universe-Australia Michelle Van Eimeren's 19-year-old daughter was clad in a matching set of red pajamas, which was her interpretation of the party's wear your statement theme. Right off the bat, you

Juliana Gomez's Essentials to Building a Free-Spirited Wardrobe

Her mantra: Wear what you like!
Juliana Gomez is one of the new faces we're coming to know. Born into the limelight as Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez's only daughter, this 17-year-old is someone you ought to watch out for. She may seem reserved at first glance, but this It girl on the

How to Cop Michelle Dee's Model Off-Duty Look

You'll never guess how many hats she owns.
Michelle Dee was born to be a model. After all, she does have supermodel and beauty queen Melanie Marquez as her mom. At 22, she managed to bag a modeling stint with local retail brand Bench and has even landed on the pages

The Dos and Don'ts for Looking Chic at the Office

Score a fashion tip or two from this stylish ad executive.
Vanessa Dingcong is one sleek and chic #girlboss. Formerly in charge of marketing and engagement planning for the award-winning advertising agency TBWA/Santiago Mangada Puno, she has mastered the art to looking respectable, cool, and anything but boring.“My formula for day-to-night dressing is to