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Juliana Gomez's Essentials to Building a Free-Spirited Wardrobe

Juliana Gomez's Essentials to Building a Free-Spirited Wardrobe
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/gomezjuliana
Her mantra: Wear what you like!

Juliana Gomez is one of the new faces we're coming to know. Born into the limelight as Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez's only daughter, this 17-year-old is someone you ought to watch out for. She may seem reserved at first glance, but this It girl on the rise has a free spirit destined to roam the world.

Juliana tells Preview, "It's such a joy being able to go to different places and see different cultures at an age when I am young and at the same time old enough to remember. There are many treasures to be had in terms of memories made." Her passionate outlook in discovering the world is reflected on her own brand of style: carefree and comfortable. Below, we talk to Juliana about her love for fashion and traveling.

1. How do you approach getting dressed?

"My closet revolves around my sneakers since they're all I really wear. I’m very casual when it comes to style. I like to stick to the basics and dress comfortably. No rules."


2. What or who sparked your interest in clothes?

"Even at a young age, I just always knew what I wanted to wear; whether or not it was a fashion crime."

3. What are your five closet staples?

"A good pair of denim pants, a basic slouchy T-shirt, a cozy sweater, white sneakers and a cap."

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4. What's the one trend you'd never be caught wearing?

"Animal print."

5. What's the one thing that you've collected in your closet lately?

"At one point, I was really into vintage denim pants and jackets. Now I have too many and they all pretty much look the same."

6. What do you always have on hand when traveling?


7. What's your style resolution this year?

"To try new things and to try slipping into something else other than sneakers [laughs]."

8. What fashion advice do you follow until now?


"My mom once told me to build a closet filled with only things that I love and/or look good on me. But she also said that I'm young enough to make fashion mistakes and that it should be a fun thing instead of something to stress over or obsess about."

9. Where do you usually shop?

"Bench, Adidas and the rest is a mish-mash of other brands here and there."

10. What's your go-to outfit?

"Sweats and a T-shirt forever."

11. What's a beauty product you can't stop using at the moment?

"I recently started using charcoal soap from this brand called Promise and it really cleared my acne."

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12. Can you share with us a photograph that best captures your personality?

IMAGE Courtesy of Juliana Gomez

"This is a photo of me from 2007. Nothing has changed."

13. Which designer would you hire to design your wardrobe?

"I'd say Ian Connor."

14. What's the one thing you've been loving lately?

"Luggage cubes from Truest! Since I travel and go to the beach often, the luggage cubes make packing a lot easier."

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