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Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: LA Aguinaldo

The model has the coolest style even off the runway.
Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: LA Aguinaldo
IMAGE Patrick Diokno
The model has the coolest style even off the runway.

His two letter Instagram handle is hard to miss—more so is his well curated feed of scenic travel photos, geotagged selfies, and of-the-moment off-duty OOTDs. LA Aguinaldo is living the model life online and IRL. From being Bench’s latest male muse to vlogging about his adventures all across the globe, LA is definitely that “internet cool boy”—streetwear-clad, beret-wearing, and sporting the best haircuts of the season. But he’s also Mr. Nice. That guy who’d wear Chuck Taylors with a good pair of blue jeans, a fine-fitting white tee, and a pair of glasses with unstyled hair. 

His sense of fashion is trendy yet timeless, polished but a little undone, street but with gentlemanly flair—LA’s style DNA is full of contrasts that work. Blame it on his years of experience walking the runways and posing in designer garb, but we’d rather like to think that this wonder boy has got it all figured out on his own.

Scroll down to know more about LA’s disarming yet cool style portfolio. 

IMAGE Patrick Diokno

LA wears a T-shirt and pants from Bench, a jacket from Standard Issue, and Gucci sneakers

How do you ensure you look unique/different from everyone else?

"I’m not really sure how I can do that because you're bound to have the same style as someone else, but I guess just by picking up stuff from different stores and by dressing for yourself."

IMAGE Patrick Diokno

LA in a monochromatic brown pants and jacket from Wood Wood, Bench tee, vintage rings and heirloom necklace, Sepreme sling bag, and Vans sneakers

 How do you stay stylish without becoming a slave to what's trendy? 

"It's easy to be trendy but I believe you just have dress [depending on] how you feel. Sometimes people get so focused on staying on trend or they try to be safe so they can fit in. Don’t be scared to stand out."


IMAGE Patrick Diokno

 LA in a vintage leather jacket, t-shirt and jeans from Bench, paired with Converse sneakers and Supreme socks

What outfit best describes your personal style?

"Jacket, black tee, ripped jeans, and Vans."

What's one clothing/styling hack you always rely on?

"I tuck in my shirts and fold up my pants. I think they look so tucking cool."

IMAGE Patrick Diokno

 LA wears a suit from Maison Mihara Yasuhiro and Converse sneakers

How do you approach dressing up for events versus dressing for down time?

"I just make sure I am comfortable no matter what. When you're comfy you feel good and you get to be yourself more. You feel like Superman—even if you're wearing bright red trunks outside your blue tights."

Accessories can make or break the man. Any advice on how to use this to your advantage?

"Moderation is key."

Photographed by Patrick Diokno

Grooming by Mong Amado

Sittings Editor Loris Peña