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Preview Best Dressed List 2019: Marbbie Tagabucba

Get to know Marbbie and learn from her sharp-witted style notes below.
Preview Best Dressed List 2019: Marbbie Tagabucba
IMAGE Shaira Luna
Get to know Marbbie and learn from her sharp-witted style notes below.

Marbbie Tagabucba will teach you a lesson or two when it comes to baring skin. She gives the hubadera aesthetic a classy vibe with her own clever way of putting together sultry clothing. But more than her bold confidence in flaunting what she's been blessed with, Marbbie is a sartorial siren who knows just what piece to invest in and love forever. Call it a lucky hunch, but we dare say she's got a fashion pulse not everyone possesses. Get to know Marbbie and learn from her sharp-witted style notes below.


PHOTO BY Shaira Luna


Personal Style

In a few words, how would you describe your personal style?

"A dash of daring for the occasion."


PHOTO BY Shaira Luna
PHOTO BY Shaira Luna
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When and how did you realize that this is your personal aesthetic? How much has your style changed over the years?

"I think it was always there, growing up as a kid consuming the glamour of American Vogue and Sex and The City, but it was brought out by surrounding myself with people who adore me not in spite but also because I take risks. I became more me and I think that sense of freedom and excitement shows in my style. In the past, I attempted tees, jeans, and sneakers—perfectly sensible if they are you, but they were not me—from a point in my life where being called “stylish” was as an insult. I’ve since dressed to feel beautiful for myself. It gets me through whatever I’m doing that day—even when I was into minis with platform pumps during my clubbing days or experimenting with bohemian trappings during my spirituality days."





As a fashion and lifestyle writer, you're often exposed to the newest fads in fashion. How do you choose which trends to incorporate in your existing wardrobe?

"I enjoy trends because they are a sign of the times and present a new perspective on things. I always try things on, and if it’s wearing me, it’s a no. I think being a beauty girl influences the sinuosity and vibrance I am drawn to—to show off my coloring and glow with something that feels delicious on the skin. I am also mindful of who’s interpreting the trend—the designer or brand—and their process, and this aspect extends to what I choose to train the spotlight on as a writer and editor."





What is your technique when it comes to reaping the most mileage out of a certain fashion piece?

"When it’s love, it’s forever. I am a repeater and still wear pieces I’ve owned for over a decade. (The platforms, I’ve definitely thrown out.) There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I think the technique truly lies in proper laundry and storage, which enable me to hold on for as long as I can."


Name five items in your closet that you absolutely can't live without. 

"A Vivien Ramsay silk dress, Tiffany & Co. gold hoops, Manolo Blahnik stilettos, a Fratelli Roselli rust leather jacket, and Joseph tailored jeans."




How would you describe your "uniform" outfit?

"From dawn to dusk, coffee to cocktails, desk to disco."


Shopping Habits

Where do you usually shop for clothes, bags, shoes, accessories?

"Independent retail concepts like Tropa Store in Manila for their cool take on dressing for the tropics. I am constantly searching for affordable vintage from ukay and vintage stores anywhere in the world, and The Real Real and Vestiaire online. For last minute black tie or white tie dress codes, I prioritize my peace of mind (and limited closet space) and rent something big and whimsical from RSVP. They stock some of the best young Filipino designers like Sassa Jimenez and Martin Bautista."

Are you an impulse buyer or more of an I'll-think-about-it-first kind of shopper? Why?

"Definitely the latter. I buy with the fantasy that I’ll own it forever and hope that I, like my favorite pieces, will get better with age."


Fashion Picks

What's your fashion obsession nowadays? Why?"

"Gold jewelry. They radiate good energy. I just came from an extensive jewelry exhibition, and now I’m into the underserved categories of hair combs and hair pins."

Complete the sentence: Fashion makes me feel ___.

"...ready. "


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Photographed by Shaira Luna

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