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This Online Store Has Reusable Nipple Tapes You'll Want to Hoard

They're seamless, too!
This Online Store Has Reusable Nipple Tapes You'll Want to Hoard
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They're seamless, too!

Let's face it: Bras can be uncomfortable and restricting. Whatever cup size you wear, normal bras can feel uneasy and awkward especially when worn all throughout the day. While bras provide support for your bossom, they can be difficult to wear with your daily 'fits: underwires poking you, cups seen under your shirt, and oh, straps be damned!

This is where Barebone comes in. Its founder, Carla Regin, hopes to solve all your woes against traditional bras with their nipple covers. Below, we talk to Carla as she tells us more about the brand and how their nipple covers can make dressing up extra easy.

What is Barebone? What's the concept behind the brand's name?

"First, I thought about naming the brand Bare Necessities but I wanted for the name to have a deeper sense, something that people can remember. Then I thought of Barebone, which pertains to 'basic' or 'essential elements of something.' I liked the sound of it and it really connects to my brand that promotes the idea of comfortable yet non-traditional undergarments."

Why did you decide to go into making nipple covers?

"I have been in a love and hate relationship with bras all my life. But lets admit it: Bras are expensive and not really versatile. If I wanna wear something backless or a top with a plunging neckline, I have to wear a specific kind of bra to wear underneath, so bras are actually not my go-to option. While there are these stick-on bras that are now available on the market, they can be expensive.


Barebone has 8cm and 10cm nipple covers that retail for P580 per pair. They come in three nude colors: Barebone cream, Barebone beige, and Barebone umber.

"So I thought since I have been braless for more than a year, after not having much luck in finding perfect bra that caters to all my needs, why not create one myself? Surely there are many women out there [who] can relate, if not share my frustrations with a regular bra. Hence, the birth of Barebone, dedicated for all women. Our nipple covers can be that one item for all their undergarment needs. Ours is water- and sweat-proof, seamless, and can be worn daily."

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Your brand promises comfort for women. How do you execute this through your products? What makes your products different from other brands?

"Imagine freedom from bras—being able to wear any top from your wardrobe without worrying about nipslips or bra lines showing under your clothes. Barebone offers nipple covers that are light and seamless. You can barely feel you're wearing [them]!"


We also noticed you have boob covers with different skin colors and sizes? What brought upon this variation?

"Barebone is for all womankind. I dedicate all our products to all ladies in different shapes, sizes, and skin color."

Most nipple tapes are disposable after one use, while yours aren’t. After how many washes can we reuse the product?

"Most [silicone] nipple covers last up to 30 times or less of use, which is so disappointing. So I wanted Barebone's nipple covers to be of use for a longer period of time. I'm proud to say that Barebone covers can last you for six months, for a minimum of 120 uses. This is provided you take care of the covers well, of course."


What’s one myth about wearing non-traditional undergarments that you’d like to debunk?

"I'm not sure if I speak for all women, but for me, bras give me headache and so much backpain. But I was able to alleviate the pain by going braless. I still get the same coverage I need, but without the pain from feeling so restricted in my chest area."


What can we expect from Barebone in the future?

"There are new products underway, for sure! I'm hoping these can make more women feel more comfortable. I wish for our products to help boost their confidence when they wear it and go on with their day."

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