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How to Shop for a Strapless Bra That Won't Slip, According to an Expert

Plus more bra-related FAQs!
Real talk: Strapless bras aren't the comfiest thing to wear. Mine just won't stay put all day (which leads to uncomfy back pains), and I realized I wasn't alone. My officemate with a C-cup (I've got an A-cup size, by the way) shared the same sentiments. Her strapless bra keeps

The Types of Bras to Wear According to Your Top's Neckline

Your undergarments shouldn't ruin your silhouette.
Undergarments are one of the "invisible" things that polish your look. It may not be so obvious at first, but wearing the wrong style underneath can ruin the silhouette of your outfits–may it be a pristine white tee or a plunging black jumpsuit. Try expanding your go-to

The Different Types of Bras and the Best Outfits to Wear Them With

Here's everything you need to know before going bra-shopping!
Ladies, part of nailing your outfits is knowing the right underwear to pair it with. Don't let your wrong choice of bra hinder you from sporting a gorgeous OOTD, so it's best if you master the right type of undergarment to wear

How to Make Sure You're Wearing the Right Bra Size

If it's uncomfortable, then it's time to ditch it.
Choosing the right bra is crucial, especially for full-busted women. However, it's a common struggle to find one that fits perfectly, much less one that's stylish. Still, don't think even a little pain should be tolerated; your bra should neither hurt nor feel

LOTD: A Hubadera’s Subtle Way to Wear Your Bra Out of the House

Show and tell.
When wearing your unmentionables out (and not underneath!) the key is to be strategic. Let Kiana Valenciano be your clever example!We reassert that you've got to strike that balance between covered up and exposed. There's something undenably enticing about her mix of

This Is How Often You Should Be Buying New Underwear

It's more frequent than you would expect.
Underwear can be expensive, but it shouldn't be an excuse to end up with loose, hole-y underwear all the time. Still, imagine our surprise when we learned how often ladies should really be replacing those bras and panties, according to experts. As reported

How to Care for Your Bras

Give your unmentionables some TLC.
Silk. Lace. Nylon. Beaded. U-cut. Demi. Full. Shelf. Padded. Convertible. Backless. Halter. Sexy. Athletic.Time and again, we've been advised that impeccable style starts with investing in the fundamentals—perfect fit, confidence from comfort and adequate support from the right lingerie. How can elegance

The Hot Layering Trend to Try This Summer

It involves bra shopping.
With Instagram feeds filled with strong layering OOTDs on the chilly streets of New York, London, and even Japan, you might think throwing on layers upon layers of clothing in our tropical shores is a losing battle. We’re a tad bit jealous

5 Tiny Bras You Can Wear Under Your Hubadera Outfits

So good, you'll want to show them off.
The appeal of a lacey underthing lies in its taboo appeal. Show too much and you give away the whole movie, but show just enough and you've got yourself a worthy trailer. Before the wave of hubadera outfits start pouring in (hello,

#fridayfavorite: Killer Lingerie

You will need this pair for those special occasions.
Inspired by our sizzling hot Mark Nicdao X BJ Pascual collector's issue, we found a pair of ultra hot underwear that will a hundred percent make you feel as sexy as Ellen Adarna. Faux leather that looks classy is hard to come

Isabelle Daza's 5 Summer Essentials

Belle gets intimate as she shares her summer musts.
Nothing like a boudoir party to round up the girls for an intimate afternoon. We did exactly that last Tuesday at the Manila Peninsula where we got up close and personal with Avon’s newest muse, Isabelle Daza. With a few rounds of

Microsoft Works On A Bra To Stop Stress Eating

Microsoft Works on a Bra to Stop Stress Eating
With the technological advances growing at an intense rate, it's no surprise for us to inform you that Microsoft is now working on creating the first-ever "smart bra". Yes, Microsoft, as in the computer giant, is venturing into the world of lingerie. According

Ask An Editor: How To Find The Perfect Bra

Associate Fashion Editor Kabbie Rodriguez Alipio walks you through the steps in choosing the right bra that fits.
Q: I’m having a hard time shopping for bras. I really can’t figure out the right size for me. What should I do? Help!A: Studies show that at 70% of women are still wearing the wrong bra size, so you’re not alone.

La Senza Shows Off

Leading lingerie brand launches its latest collection.
Because we believe that innerwear is key to looking and feeling confident in your outfit, we are pleased to share with you the latest collection of La Senza. Canada’s premiere lingerie retailer has recently launched a new line of undergarments called Show

Peek-a-boo 1

Check how the fearless sartorialists wear their brassiere-revealing outfits.