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11 Milk Tea Beige Outfits to Take Your Obsession Further

11 Milk Tea Beige Outfits to Take Your Obsession Further
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Obsessions have a way of transforming your lifestyle, and it can manifest in the way you dress. Just take K-drama for example! If there’s an obsession that we all probably share, it would have to be milk tea. The caramel-colored, caloric drink brimming with pearls is practically a dessert in itself, and it’s terribly hard to resist.

Well, we’d like to make a proposition: it’s about time we milk tea advocates proudly proclaim our love by dressing up in clothes in the exact same hue as the delicious drink. Think of it as a badge of honor, or you can also think of it as a sneaky sartorial way to satisfy your cravings sans the calories! Here, we’ve rounded up all the milk tea-hued outfits you can start with:

1. Heading out for a milk tea run? Look the part by putting together beige paperbag trousers and a white sleeveless top. Complete the look with a matching milk tea cardigan and gold accessories!

2. If you’re a minimalist but you’d still like to ride the milk tea wave, simply slip into sleek separates like pleated trousers and a structured blouse. It’s a cool yet casual corporate get-up!  

3. For more casual affairs, look cool as a cup of ice-cold Wintermelon tea by copping coords in the same color. Pare down the ensemble with a black top and boots, and you’re good to go! 

4. For a luxe look that’s decidedly reminiscent of '90s Chanel, might we suggest a smart-looking tweed suit? Adorn with sunnies in case you wouldn’t want to be caught heading out to grab a drink—again.  


5. A lot of blazers come in beige and nude that will remind you of your beloved drink. Give the piece a whirl by pairing it with a silk skirt. 

6. Not looking to wear the color from head to toe? Go for a dash of the hue instead by wearing a cardigan as a top. It’s like the fashion counterpart of 50% sugar level! You can also achieve the same effect by wearing a beige skirt with a white buttondown.

7. Nothing calls for a cup of creamy milk tea more than a hot summer’s day. Be ready for that moment by donning linen separates that will provide maximum comfort during that milk tea run.

8. For days when you need to look slightly more polished than usual, put on a beige button-down and pair with jeans or cigarette trousers. Think of it as a posh milk tea look for sophisticated mavens.

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9. If you’re a chill girl with easy-going style preferences, simply put on a boxy beige top and your favorite pair of jeans. It’s a low-key look that also screams “I may look like I’m patiently waiting in line for milk tea but really can you please hurry up?”

10. Did someone order a tall drink of milk tea streetwear fashion? It’s a mix of baggy separates like relaxed pants, oversized shirts, and chunky dad sneakers. Add a black bucket hat for a side of boba vibes.

11. For when you feel like burning the calories you have just consumed (to make room for more!), gear up with beige joggers. We guarantee they’ll make you look forward to your next drink, too, and that’s perfectly fine. 

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