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Meet 15 of Manila's Stylish Gents

Boys, boys, boys.
Meet 15 of Manila's Stylish Gents
IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog
Boys, boys, boys.

The most romantic season is here, and to make your Valentine's Day a little more special, Preview brings together 15 of Manila's most stylish and dapper gents. Prepare to swoon as they show off their personal styles and win your hearts in the process. The only remaining question is, are you ready?


IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

Zara White button-down shirt, Nike Jogger pants; Tieline and Merger Men Suit

Describe your style: "Laid-back."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "When I was younger and I was rocking baggy pants. I'm a '90s kid it was a '90s thing."

LA AGUINALDO, 23, Model/Host

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

Describe your style: "Easy."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "When I was like 15, I would wear things just because they were 'cool' back then. I wore a puka shell necklace even though it would poke me every two seconds. Never again."

SANTINO ROSALES, 16, Student/Football Player

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

Loyal Navy blue bomber jacket, H&M White long tee P999; Massimo Dutti Coat, Pierre Cardin Pants, G2000 White button-down shirt, Paul Smith Cuff links, Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes

Describe your style: "I like to keep my style simple. On casual days, I opt for neutral colors and a great pair of jeans. Holistically, I am just a big fan of neutral colors; rarely will you see me wearing something bright. I believe that the best outfits are the simplest ones, given of course that the clothes actually fit you pristinely."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "Going to a semi-formal dinner in swimming shorts, a tee shirt, and sneakers. I did this because I thought the dinner was just going to be at my grandma's house; apparently, it was at a nice restaurant."

ANJO LAZARO, 25, Relationship Manager

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

H&M Leather jacket P6990, Bershka Gray shirt, Topman Jeans

Describe your style: "I just want to keep it simple so I just wear plain shirts when I go out most of the time."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "There was one time I still didn't know the dos and don'ts. I went to a bar with my friends and wore a light blue long-sleeve shirt with khaki pants, brown belt, and GRAY sneakers. Please don't judge me."


MIGUEL LASALA, 27, Accounts Executive

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

RAU Atelier by Ryan Uson Suit; H&M Jacket P2290, Loyal Crew neck shirt, Zara Pants


Describe your style: "My style? Comfort first before style. I'm a sneakerhead, so on a normal day, [wearing] sneakers is my game. On a formal night, I can be as dapper as you can imagine. "

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "I almost went out on the ramp with no pair of shoes! Lol."

MIGS BUSTOS, 28, Sports Anchor

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

H&M Knitted sweater P1690, Owndays Specs; H&M Blazer and Long-sleeved top, Pants, TW Steel watch

Describe your style: "Simple, pastel colors, lots of grays, slim fit pants, appropriate shorts, sneakers, trying to look Pinterest-y. I keep it simple as long as I can carry my look."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "Haha! Wala ako maisip (Can't think of any)!"

RICHARD JUAN, 24, Model/Host

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

SM Youth jacket & shirt

Describe your style: "Laid-back at most times but semi-formal when meeting someone special."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "I was at an event last year and I totally forgot the theme and dress code of it. I went to it semi-casual and 'yun pala it's a super formal event! Lol."

SAM LOUIE TURNER, 28, Photographer/Model

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

H&M Knitted sweater P1190, Ginger & Aki Bracelet; Asos Bomber jacket, H&M Black shirt, Jack Wills jeans

Describe your style: "I like to go for the clean/timeless look. My wardrobe is mainly monochrome black-white-grey tones but recently I've been wearing more light pink, army greens, and tan/cream colors."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "At a big event (Preview Ball), my pants split below my fly and right up the back! Luckily, my friends helped with some pins and I had to untuck my shirt!"


PAOLO SPAFFORD, 30, Entrepreneur

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

Marks & Spencer Suit and dress shirt, H&M Socks, Aldo Brown leather shoes, Hamilton Watch, H&M Khaki bomber jacket P2290 and button-down shirt P1490

Describe your style: "I’m from a small town in the Midwest USA. I like simplicity and earth tones. I often wear shirts, shorts or jeans, and sneaks. When I go out, jeans, a long-sleeved polo (with the sleeves rolled and folded). For work, dressy chinos, slacks, and a classic tucked-in long-sleeved shirt."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "I have so many! When I was new to the Philippines, I was frequently underdressed with the city life. I was dragged along to a wedding reception one time (last minute) and I was in jeans and a short sleeve polo. I felt so…blah. Now I usually know how to match the outfit to the occasion, but to be safe, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed."


SAM THURMAN, 22, Actor

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

eMale Suit, Espirit White button-down; Blend Jacket, Renan Pacson X Gnarly Graphic tee, Cheap Monday Jeans, Converse Sneakers

Describe your style: "I wear things that I feel comfortable in but at the same time look good as well. I usually stick to solid colors that are easy to match like blacks, whites, and grays so that I don't have to spend too much time thinking. I like clothes that fit well and match my body type. I love denims, joggers, simple tees, and a pair of Chucks."

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "I used to go to school wearing a green polo shirt with orange pants. I looked like a carrot. Looking back I wonder why I thought that was cool."

EMIL KHODAVERDI, 20, Student/Model

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog


Describe your style: "Since I got pretty fit and since it's really hot in the Philippines. I usually wear fitted tops, with shorts that look like I'm about to hit the beach and Vans. Pretty laid-back!"

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "Most embarrassing moment was when I was at an event and my suit ripped open 'cause it was too tight. HAHAHA!"

JULES ERIK FERNANDEZ, 23, Architecture Student

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

Eden Park Coat, Zara Button-down, Les Artist Green jacket, H&M Gray shirt, Topman Jeans, Nike Shoes

Describe your style: "Classy streetstyle. Basta mix ng both. Haha!"

DENNIS GASCON, 21, Speech Pathology Student

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

H&M Button-down, Dennis Basso Suit, Regatta Button-down, Ginger & Aki Bracelet

Describe your style: "My personal style can range from something simple but classy to something comfortable and sporty. "

What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "My most embarrassing fashion moments were back in high school when I'd wear body fit shirts without the ideal body, if you know what I mean."


KURT MENDOZA, 20, Student

IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

Forever21 Denim jacket, Loyal Heart print shirt, Skechers Mark Nason sneakers, Zara Coat, Regatta White button-down shirt, Loyal Navy blue pants

Describe your style: "My style is laid-back. I go for comfort, but I always make sure that I wear appropriate clothes in certain places and occasions."


IMAGE Johanne Dalogdog

Zara Coat and button-downTopman Pants, Sperry Shoes, Zara Denim jacket, Forever 21 Sweatshirt, Zara Pants

Describe your style: "My style depends on my mood but on regular days, my style is pretty chill and laid-back. I go for simple, plain shirts, jeans, and a good pair of shoes. Comfort is the priority."


What is your most embarrassing fashion moment? "Most embarassing? Hmmm. I can't think of any but one thing that comes to mind was when I went to an event underdressed. Lesson learned: always check the dress code."

Produced by Gab Gutierrez

Photos by Johanne Dalogdog

Makeup by Christine Mamalio

Hair by Zarry Borbon

Art Direction, Digital Editing and Composition by Gab Gutierrez

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