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Would You Wear Prada's Stylish Outdoor Collection to Go Camping?

The Escape collection isn't your typical outdoor gear.
Practical, functional, and utilitarian have been buzzwords in men's fashion for quite a while now. And, big brands are taking notice. Case in point: Prada. The brand's latest launch, Escape, presents double match-shirts, camouflage prints, sneakers, pouches, and rucksacks that don't necessarily

This Is What Men Tend to Overlook When Having a Suit Made

We talk to an expert.
It'd be an understatement to say that Ryan Chua, owner of Singapore-born Common Suits' Quezon City arm, knows a thing or two about the telltale trappings of a dapper gent. "The mission we have in the Philippines is to educate everyone on

5 New Filipino Menswear Brands That Deserve Your Attention

Here are the coolest Filipino brands and designers of 2019.
The Philippines is brimming with talent, and this mix of new brands and up-and-coming designers is enough proof. Whether you need a style refresh or are looking for something more unique and different, here's a list of the best new Filipino menswear

5 Travel Essentials All Guys Need This Summer

Vacation, here we come.
Like ladies, there are style dilemmas that men face in the summer time. Obviously, layering is out of the question, and because of this you don't have a lot of outfit options. But there are two things to keep in mind for

The 5 Sneaker Styles Every Guy Should Own

Listen up, gents.
Ever since sneakers came up as the It shoe,  we've been cheering for #TeamCozy. While we've been educating you girls on how to wear the said shoe and the newest styles you should be rocking on your feet, it's time to lend

A Dude’s Guide to Dressing for the Holidays

Style tips from David Guison, Vince Uy, and more.
 Herewith, our menswear picks of the week:Pow Santillan@wapoweeIs winter coming? Stay warm with chunky knits, warm leather, and fuzzy furry details.Vince Uy@vince_uyTired of the same old beat up leather moto? Switch it up with a luxe suede jacket.David Guison@davidguisonGive your holiday #OOTD

LA Aguinaldo’s Top 5 #OOTDs in Tokyo

Here's a dose of style peg for the guys!
For this week’s menswear picks, we turn the spotlight to male model LA Aguinaldo and his recent Tokyo #OOTDs:STYLE TIP #1: Never leave home without your white kicks.They’re the peanut butter to your blue jeans’ jelly, the bread to your basic crewneck’s

5 Stylish Dudes and Their White Kicks

Your white sneakers can reveal a ton of things about you.
If sneakers could speak, what would yours say about you? If you think your spotlessly clean, crisp white sneakers suggest that you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep it plain and simple, well, you’re obviously downplaying it. Because deep inside,

A Dude’s Guide to Wearing the H&M X Balmain Collection

Style tips from James Reid, Sam Concepcion, and more.
The release date of the H&M X Balmain collection is just a few hours away! That said, we look to the guys who dropped by last night’s VIP sneak peek for some tips on how the stylish males can also wear these

5 Guys Who Prove You Can’t Go Wrong with Black and White

David Guison, Pelayo Diaz, and more.
Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Proving that the age-old black and white combo is 100% fail-proof, we give you this week's roundup of our menswear picks.David Guison@davidguisonDitch faded blue jeans for a darker wash that’s polished but just as relaxed.Richard

5 Guys Who Rocked Trousers This Week

AJ Dee, David Guison, and more.
Ditch your basic blue jeans and swap them for a pair of tailored trousers as you take cues from our menswear picks of the week.AJ Dee@thefilodapperUpdate your day look by pairing dark trousers with a light colored jacket over a crisp white

Menswear Tips of the Week: How to Rock a Suit

Let actor-turned-blogger AJ Dee school you on the basics.
Not many men wear suits given Manila’s weather condition. But for actor-turned-blogger AJ Dee, the heat is certainly no obstacle when pulling off a tailored, dapper look. For this week’s menswear picks, we trolled through his Instagram account (@thefilodapper) to get tips

WATCH: When Kevin Hart Became David Beckham

This has got to be one of H&M's funniest campaigns!
Last week, we gave you the trailer to the new H&M Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham campaign which starred the athlete alongside comedian Kevin Hart. The 30-second teaser was funny enough to leave us wanting to see more. “If I pull this

5 Guys Who Taught Us How to Wear Blue This Week

BJ Pasucal, David Guison, and more.
Herewith, our menswear picks of the week:AJ Dee@thefilodapperThe double-breasted jacket: The ‘70s are making a huge comeback and with it, the return of the double-breasted jacket. Opt for a slimmer cut, shorter length, with six buttons, a wider lapel, and a bolder

5 Guys Style the Basic White Shirt

BJ Pascual, Kevin Redder and more.
Herewith, our weekly menswear round up. AJ Dee@thefilodapperUpdate your tried and tested white-shirt-and-jeans combo by opting for faded denims paired with a long-sleeved crew neck.Kevin Redder@kevinredderThe beauty in menswear is it need not be complicated. However, it’s the details that elevate a seemingly

5 Guys Teach You How To Wear Sweaters in Style

We've got you covered from zip-ups to pullovers.
See who made it to our menswear looks of the week:Raymond Ang@raymondangasA monotonous outfit makes your limbs look long, even when you’re scrunched on a park bench.Lance de Ocampo@lancedeocampoDon’t just limit yourself to baseball hats and beanies. That medium-sized Akubra hat might

5 Guys Who Rocked Denim This Week

AJ Dee, Izzy Tuazon, and more.
See who made it to our menswear looks of the week: AJ Dee@thefilodapperA few shreds never hurt nobody. Small tears and a faded wash are great if you want your jeans to look really lived in. Patrik Franksson@patrikfrankssonCuffed jeans are a great way of

Dear Mr. Know-It-All: Must I Be Gwapo to Be Fasyon?

Take it from your slightly below average looking columnist. ;)
For our new column, Dear Mr. Know-It-All, our resident menswear blogger Gian Reyes tells you everything you need to know to be the kind of man we like. He knows all.Dear Mr. Know-it-all, Do you have to be good looking to be fashionable?This is