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Gabbi Garcia Was Spotted Wearing Loewe's "Balloon Bra"—Here's What You Need to Know About It

Gabbi Garcia Was Spotted Wearing Loewe's "Balloon Bra"—Here's What You Need to Know About It
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/gabbi, Armando Grillo/ via Twitter/loeweofficial
The quirky top has also been spotted on “The Crown” star Emma Corrin.

Fashion is many things, but some ways to describe it are pretty simple: fun, and sometimes, pretty darn campy.

Certain pieces can edge onto a polarizing status (see: MSCHF's big, red, and viral boots) but there’s no shame in designers dabbling into experimental territory. One picture-perfect case-in-point is the Spanish luxury brand Loewe, whose style oeuvre has embraced the unapologetically quirky.

From egg heels to car-shaped dresses, fearless fashion enthusiasts and fun-loving celebs have also tinkered with the off-kilter ways of Loewe. But if we’re talking highlights, one might just be the leather balloon bra, which is, you guessed it, exactly what it sounds like.

The most recent celebrity we spotted wearing it? The ever-stylish Gabbi Garcia. Read on below!

What is Loewe’s Leather Balloon Bra?

Fresh from Loewe’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection, the leather brassiere is one of the many surrealist pieces creative director Jonathan Anderson cooked up for the Paris Fashion Week runway. 

The particular collection emphasized surrealism in its play of fabrics, textures, and even shapes. One noticeable motif is the use of balloons, as seen in heels, draped garments, and of course, bras. According to Jonathan, the balloon carries meaning because it “creates tension.” “It will pop,” he noted. “It won’t last forever.”

The runway’s red-carpet-ready piece is the mesh slip print dress, patterned by images of nude balloons. The statement frock is paired with a breastplate shaped like a deflated balloon, detailed by strategically placed knots.

PHOTO BY Filippo Flor/ via Twitter/Loewe
PHOTO BY Twitter/LoeweOfficial

Aside from the nude gown and its black-and-white version, the balloon bra also accompanies other pieces from the collection, including printed kaftans that come in red and green.

PHOTO BY Filippo Flor/ via Twitter/LoeweOfficial
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PHOTO BY Twitter/loeweofficial

And best believe: With its playful prints and silhouettes, the ensembles have been a quick favorite for both local and international names.

Celebrities Spotted Wearing Loewe’s Leather Balloon Bra

1. In a head-to-toe Loewe look, GMA actress Gabbi Garcia walked the metro’s streets with the nude balloon number. She paired it with the square-shaped Amazona 16 bag, mixing eccentric and classic in one crisp ensemble.

PHOTO BY Instagram/gabbi
PHOTO BY Instagram/gabbi

2. The Crown’s Emma Corrin arrived at the 2022 Olivier Awards in the same get-up with a platinum pixie cut and patent black boots, cementing her as one of the scene-stealing actresses of the night.

PHOTO BY Instagram/emmalouisecorrin

3. Gabrielle Union, best known for teen flicks like She’s All That and Bring It On, was also spotted walking the New York City streets before the Met Gala wearing the red kaftan version of the Loewe dress, complete with a brown balloon breastplate.

PHOTO BY Peter Parker via Instagram/thomaschristos

4. Proving that she isn’t one to shy away from more outlandish fashion choices, American singer Doja Cat was spotted wearing the printed dress and black balloon bra combo during a Loewe branch opening in Los Angeles. This is the same star seen in an ultra-red crystal look for Schiaparelli, so we aren’t surprised!

PHOTO BY Instagram/loewe
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