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The Best Tips for Buying Your First Designer Purchase, According to Influencers

Read this before committing to an item!
The Best Tips for Buying Your First Designer Purchase, According to Influencers
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Read this before committing to an item!

If you’re looking to invest in your first big-ticket item, know that it’s more than about choosing a design that suits your sartorial taste. There’s a plethora of factors to consider, too, like where to buy it to snag the best prices and what design would actually be worth investing in. Since this is your first splurge, it’s wise to take some time to factor in everything you could before shelling out that moolah.

To help you with your quest, we asked celebs and fashion influencers what their recommended practices are for first-time luxury shoppers:

Camille Co

“Go for something you see yourself using for many years to come. Once you’ve made up your mind, make sure to try it on in person first! Then canvass where you can get it for the best price.”


Laureen Uy 

"Really think about it and choose a design that’s timeless and classic so you can wear it for a long time. Don’t choose anything super trendy that you’ll regret buying in the end."

Patricia Prieto 

"When it comes to buying your first-ever designer piece one thing came to mind when I did such a thing: How often can I use it? Yes, the occasional statement bag is a plus in your closet but when I bought my first bag, I made sure it was something I could use over and over again. I actually still use it up to this day!!"

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Angel Dei

“I guess you should purchase something you can use often. Para sulit yung binayad mo. (To get your money's worth.) For bags and shoes go with the basic colors, para madali lang i-match sa outfit (so it's easy to match with an outfit).” 


Anna Cay

“Usually you'd go for something trendy. But invest in classics first! Build your ‘classics closet’ and once you're good with it, you can go for trendy pieces once in a while.”

Janeena Chan 

When it comes to your first designer purchase, make sure you’re getting one for yourself for the right reasons. Haha! Research for reviews, ask around from your trusted friends and even family members on their tips and even take notes so you’re fully aware of what you’re getting into! I also ask my stylist friends/fashion friends for their honest opinions and suggestions! But primarily, a must for me is that it’s timeless, versatile, of good quality, and makes me happy! Basically, looking for what best gives you value for money!


Ry Velasco

“My first tip is to make sure that you have choices, and watch out for reviews so you know which one you really wanna get. Second, do canvass, like, kung saan mas mura (where it's cheaper). If you’re buying your first designer purchase, I recommend shopping in another country so you can get a tax refund. Plus, it’s cheaper. Then third, not really necessary, but if you’re getting your first designer bag, I recommend something functional so you really get the most out of it.”


Hazel Quing 

"I'd like to say to choose the most functional and versatile bag as your first designer piece. However, it's fun to look back and just buy the first one that struck your heart, whether it be a seasonal or a classic piece. Just make sure that you'll be happy to pass it down to your mini you!" 


Vern Enciso 

"Buy a classic. For every budget you have, it’s always better to buy it in a style and color you know you’ll still love 10 or 20 years down the line."


Verniece Enciso

“Number one, shop wisely and make sure to get a timeless piece. Something you can wear over and over again until you’re 80. Number two, if you look at a bag and feel a little warm and fuzzy, that’s a good sign. I personally go back to the store thrice and if I’m still fond of it, I get it. A little happiness for yourself won’t hurt nobody!”


Divine Lee

“Sleep on it and ask yourself if it’s something that you can pass on to your kids. My mom was fond of classics so we are able to use all her stuff. She would buy the item that the brand is famous for, like a Chanel tweed jacket or monogrammed Louis Vuitton bags.”


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