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I Copied Son Ye Jin's Outfits in "Crash Landing on You" for a Week

K-drama made me do it.
I Copied Son Ye Jin's Outfits in "Crash Landing on You" for a Week K-drama made me do it.

I am obsessed with the Netflix K-drama Crash Landing on You. And chances are, if you voluntarily clicked on this article, cajoled in by the image of leading lady Son Ye Jin prancing around the North Korean countryside in her cute little ahjumma outfits, you probably are, too. That automatically makes us sisters in despair whenever we have to wait an excruciatingly long whole week for a new set of episodes to drop (how on earth did you survive the gap 'til February 1?! I barely scraped by).

Speaking of which, that's another reason I'm so hooked: I've never identified with a character's wardrobe more. Yoon Se Ri, both as a Northern fugitive and the ultra-glamorous heiress she is back home in Seoul, is unafraid to experiment with patterns, hues, and silhouettes. A chunky knit over gauzy florals while frolicking on the outskirts of Pyongyang? A plaid power suit to run the #bizniz in SoKor? She'll do them all. As a certified print clasher and suiting lover myself, I thought it wouldn't be too difficult to try and emulate her for a work week. It seems we pretty much share a closet, anyway.

My only condition: I wanted to spin her looks my way and become so damn comfortable in them nobody would suspect that I was playing a part. Here's how I fared:


I had an important dinner meeting tonightI figured I'd kickstart my agenda with a knot traditionally reserved for the boys. Ties on women are fast becoming a thing, and Se Ri is naturally ahead of the curve! No better ensemble for the show's opening montage, in my opinion. That's "I'm the boss" instantly communicated.


I could have mimicked her to a T and thrown a checked navy blazer over an ivory button-down, but if you ask me, there's no fun in being literal. Instead, I went for a sort of tri-color situation finished with lemon yellow patent pumps and a funky silk tie that was my dad's in the '80s. Oh, and that's my high school uniform vest, BTW. Repurposing rocks.

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Preview's relatively new remote working scheme ensures that we fussy editors score a break from having to doll up every single morning. Still, prissiness is in our DNA, and though we technically only really have to be at the HQ thrice a week, I reckoned that even Se Ri looks ace while drinking herself silly waiting for Ri Jeong Hyeok (Hyun Bin) to come home, so I shouldn't get a free pass.


I don't have much to say about this outfit except: a) I last wore this flowery dress on my 20th birthday in early 2014, a regular ol' thesis-churning afternoon at university; and b) that baby pink mohair pullover is possibly the itchiest sweater in creation. I kept the air-con on for hours.


BRB, catching a train headed for the bustling NoKor capital city to have my government-regulated passport photo taken and accidentally reunite with a conniving old date!


Confession: This flannel midi is thick as a blanket and I couldn't commit to keeping my jacket on the entire day. Would've been perfect for spending a cold, bonfire-lit night in the grasslands after the aforementioned train randomly breaks down, but maybe not for the normal 9-to-5. Without it, though, this ruffled blouse, kilt, and knee-high boot pairing equals a very normal Yanna combo that raised zero questions at the office! I told you this'd be easy. I adore blazers but I usually don intentionally oversized ones from the men's section; this fitted, belted version is my mother's and does wonders for cinching a lean, mean hourglass figure. (P.S. I have no clue where Se Ri managed to find Fendi in the military village.)


I've had this maxi beach frock since I was 12. No kidding. I think the jersey fabric somehow stretched along with me in the last 13 years; also, I've realized that, oddly enough, I don't own a plain white turtleneck. A direct imbalance against my still-growing pile of black ones. I managed to quite literally meet halfway via this splitsicle number I usually team with wide-leg jeans and stiletto slides, vetoing the latter in favor of square-toed leather brogues. Jeong Hyeok can come light a scented candle to lure me out of the dark anytime now.



I'm particulary proud of this final 'fit. The ukay scene is actually what convinced me to take on this dressing challenge—I saw it and was like, that hodgepodge is my jam. My blue bird-littered top is actually a dress tucked into a striped, knife-pleated satin skirt, and that leopard-spotted cardigan is my answer to Se Ri's neckscarf. Will you please zoom in on how nearly everything matches in their mismatchedness? I am beyond satisfied.

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