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How to Style the Plain White T-Shirt According to Your Body Type

Work this closet staple to its full advantage.
How to Style the Plain White T-Shirt According to Your Body Type
Work this closet staple to its full advantage.

It goes anywhere and with anything! The plain white t-shirt is no doubt a closet staple, but know that there are ways to werq it to your full advantage. Know what we mean? If not, we'll put it simplyeven the most basic of pieces can be twisted and turned to flatter you best, depending on what you want out of it. Keep scrolling for examples...

THE GOAL: Extra height

Toss a vertically striped blazer over straight-cut jeans like Liz Uy!

The eye sees one looong line, all thanks to Yoyo Cao's strapless jumpsuit layering trick.

That said, you can also go on the opposite side of the non-color spectrum and rock an all-white look a la Shiori Takesue!

THE GOAL: Slimmer waist

Margaret Zhang's exaggerated flares give the illusion of an hourglass figure, therefore making her waist look even tinier. Genius and on trend.

Quickest way to go, according to Aimee Song? Cinch your jeans and cinch 'em tight.

Louise Follain emphasizes her slim middle with high-waisted, printed bottoms (the white of her tee is striking in contrast to her pants, drawing the eye to where they meet). The '90s check is totally back, btw!

THE GOAL: Hidden hips

Laureen Uy shows you how to do it without looking shapelessso important! Take her tip and play with lengths to conceal your problem area. A long jacket over straight jeans helps lengthen your line!

Go for a triangle shift dress shape like Vanessa Hong, who created hers by throwing her t-shirt over an a-line mini. Bare your stems to balance the volume out!

Draw attention to your torso's shapeliness sans emphasizing the hips by choosing fresh, icy whites to skim prettily over your bottom half. Check out Kim Jones!

THE GOAL: Longer legs

Aimee's solution is simple: a leather mini skirt and nude heels!

If you want to wear pants, go for a slim, dark, high-waisted pair (tuck your shirt in if cropped at the ankles!) like Irene Kim.

Wear your oversized tee as a dress! StyleNanda happily demonstrates.