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How to Choose the Best Swimwear According to Your Body Type

Because a great beach OOTD starts with the right fit!
We'll just get this out in the open before diving in: It’s 2020, and we’re all free to choose whatever clothes we like.Picking out swimwear is a trickier task because the fit is crucial to feel confident—and that’s the only thing that

How to Style Cropped Jeans According to Your Body Type

They're for everyone!
We're all for women wearing whatever they want, but here's food for thought: Don't you want to style yourself to highlight all the best things about your body? Be it curves, height, or a total lack of either, the cropped jean is

This Local Brand Created a Bikini That's Made to Fit All Women

It comes in so many colors, too!
Shopping for swimwear can be downright overwhelming, especially in the summer. The possibilities are endless when it comes to design and fit, not to mention the struggle of finding the right size (something petite and plus-sized ladies are all too familiar with).Luckily,

9 Ways Curvy Girls Can Style Their Jeans

Flaunt you!
Girl, you've got a booty we can't help but envy. Work it—and hard! We reiterate that you can wear absolutely anything and everything you want, but if you'd like to play up those curves to unleash their full #power, take a styling

5 Swimsuit Shopping Tips for Girls with Wide Hips

For all you curvy girls out there!
Let us just put this out there: no matter what shape or size you are, you can wear whatever you want (and whenever you want!). Still, the truth is some girls find that certain cuts and silhouettes flatter them better than others,

On Alma Moreno And The New Sexy

If a young Alma Moreno were to try to become an artista today, would she make it?
On the plane to Singapore on a little family trip, I had a conversation with my mother about beauty and what is sexy today. I asked, “If a young Alma Moreno were to try to become an artista today, would she make