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10 Instagram-Approved Ways to Pose with Your Bag

Let your purse take centerstage.
10 Instagram-Approved Ways to Pose with Your Bag
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/oliviapalermo
Let your purse take centerstage.

When you’re taking your OOTD, you want to showcase the little details that matter—say, your bag! But we get it, sometimes you can get stumped when thinking of a pose to work with. Well, worry not, Preview girls! We take our cue from these fashionphiles for poses that are guaranteed to earn double-tap poses. Scroll on to find out which one you can use for your next snap!

1. Snap it mid-swing with two hands gripping the handles.

Perfect for mid-sized handbags. Plus points for a twirly skirt or dress to add flair to your action shot.

2. You can never go wrong with a classic flat lay.

Going out to brunch? Oh-so-casually sneak in a shot of your purse at the edge of the snap. Like, is your latte the star of the shot or your Chloé?

3. Play hide and seek.

Are we talking out-of-the-box, just-slipped-out-of-the-dust-bag kind of new? Then before you load it with #whatsinyourbag, fashion it like a paper bag atop your head. Lie in a field of grass for full effect.


4. The casual shop and pose.

Great for market totes and bigger bags you can slip on your arm. Don’t look at the camera for the perfect plandid.

5. Open it up.

If you’ve got a bag with an interesting make, why not put that on display? Got that Insta-famous bamboo bag that opens up flat? Let your followers get a peek at what’s inside and show them how the bag folds as you open it!

6. Don’t be scared to lay it down.

Whether on the seat in front of you or on the floor, set your bag down. Placing it on the foreground instantly draws the viewer’s attention to it.

7. View from the top.

Snap a shot from the top and let your bag peek from below. You’ll get a shot of the strap and the bag itself plus a bonus #OOTD out of it!


8. Sling it across.

For bags with strap details like this one, you want to let that stand out by slinging across your body and shining the spotlight on it.

9. Make it part of your environment.

The complete opposite of making it stand out, use your environment! Make your bag part of your background for a photo that says “I didn’t art direct this look but I may have moved around my things a few times.” Ha!

10. Clip it.

This pose is perfect for envelope clutches. Effortless and hardly a “pose” as it is a normal way you would carry this type of bag. Love the phone tinkering whether faux or not. Almost looks like you didn’t even know this photo was being taken. Right?

Whether you choose to use any of these 10 poses or come up with your own, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you do. Follow us @previewph and we’ll be waiting for all your bag lady looks.