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The Funniest Internet Reactions to Facebook and Instagram Going Down

"What do you mean I actually have to talk to you in person now? What are we? Barbarians?"
There's a current internet frenzy all over the world as Facebook and Instagram continue to be inaccessible for half of humanity, as evidenced by #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown trending on Twitter. According to the FB- and IG-obssessed who've shared their frustrations via tweets, both platforms refuse to let them

Facebook's New Feature Now Allows You to Unsend Embarrassing Messages

Although it turns out that you can’t exactly escape the fact that you’ve sent something.
Remember when Facebook teased us with an unsend button on Messenger last year? Well, it’s now officially out! With the new update available to both iOS and Android users, you can now use the unsend feature on your phone by holding down on

I Quit Social Media for a Month to Declutter My Life

And did not regret it.
The first month of the new year always begins with promises and resolutions. Lose those 10 pounds, finally tell your crush how you feel, kill it at work, ace those midterms, save up for that trip with the barkada… the list goes
10 Shares's #BestNine: Our Trending Instagram Posts in 2018

Did your fave make the cut?
Instagram's #BestNine is more than just a recollection of which posts garnered the most hearts—it's a reflection of what mattered during the year. Below, we review the year that was in nine photos from Preview's Instagram that you double-tapped, illustrating which moments made

You Can Now Track How Much Time You're Spending on Social Media

Want to know how many hours you've spent stalking on Instagram today?
It's going to be a lot harder denying how dependent we are on social media. Facebook and Instagram have recently rolled out a new feature that lets its users see how much time they've been using each app via mobile.The new tool,

Instagram Is Finally Getting Rid of Your Fake Followers

Sorry, but it looks like you'll have to work harder now to become an "influencer."
Ever suddenly had a barrage of random users follow you on Instagram who then subsequently went on a liking-spree on your photos? Did they also mysteriously unfollow you days later because you didn't follow them back? More often than not, these questionable activities are

You Can Finally Unsend That Embarrassing Facebook Message

Save face with Facebook Messenger's upcoming unsend feature.
Facebook is finally letting you retract those embrassing messages (that you only realized were embarassing after you hit send). Thanks to an upcoming feature, you'll soon be able to "unsend" messages from Facebook Messenger soon!The social media giant will give you a

This IG Account Is Proof That Everyone Posts the Same Things Online

Get ready to experience déjà vu.
We're all guilty of taking that obligatory IG-worthy shot at some point, but have you ever wondered how often we actually do it?Well, now we've found more proof. An account called Insta Repeat is collaging similar pictures from different people's accounts, showing just how many

Belle Daza Shares Her Thoughts on Mental Health and Social Media

"It’s okay not to be okay sometimes."
Mental illness is undoubtedly an important subject that must be discussed—and not behind closed doors, but openly, in spaces where those afflicted by it can freely seek the help they need. "I wanted to tell girls that what they see in social

10 Instagram-Approved Ways to Pose with Your Bag

Let your purse take centerstage.
When you’re taking your OOTD, you want to showcase the little details that matter—say, your bag! But we get it, sometimes you can get stumped when thinking of a pose to work with. Well, worry not, Preview girls! We take our cue

This Girl's Genius Reply to a Fat-Shamer Has Gone Viral on Facebook

"Love yourself. And let people love themselves."
What started as a typical internet rant for makeup artist Kristine Ramos became a public outburst on the rampance of fat shaming. She made a Facebook post about people commenting on her weight, pointing out exactly what's wrong with doing so. A

Instagram Just Launched a New App That Might Rival YouTube

Introducing IGTV.
Instagram is changing the way we watch videos online by launching their biggest development to date. The social media app just revealed its latest feature called IGTV, a video-only platform for short and long-form content.According to Instagram's official announcement, IGTV will be accessible through

Kryz Uy Opens Up About How Social Media Contributes to Depression

"I want people to know that no one is perfect and we should stop comparing our lives to other people’s highlight reels."
Kryz Uy may be a social media celebrity herself, but she’s not apathetic to the important issues surrounding her. Being one of the country’s top bloggers, she knows that she has a voice—and she intends to use that to debunk one of

The Pastor Culture: Should We Be Careful of the Photos We Post?

Are women now expected to once again think twice about what they are wearing?
Summer air, electric vibe, nomadic mind, all captured in photographs of countless sun-kissed smiles and dervish twirls. With a sense of freedom and belief in self-expression, Filipinas share over Facebook snippets of their lives with little hesitation, with a conviction that one’s

In Defense of the Instagram-Obsessed

There is absolutely nothing wrong with curating your feed.
First off, a confession: I have a self-diagnosed Instagram addiction. Although my IG grid is not the best out there, I have to admit that I spend a great amount of time curating my feed and overanalyzing each post before finally hitting

Meet the 5 Top Influencers Who've Made a Fortune on Social Media

Meet the people who have made money from social media.
These days, you'll find that more and more people are monetizing their social footprint. Digital influencers aren't just about #feedgoals, they're actually becoming career goals, too. If you've ever wondered just how influential your favorite social stars are, you might want to

Why Are We Going Out of Our Way to Attack a 16-Year-Old Girl?

Has online mob mentality gone a step too far?
Apologies–we’re a little late to the party, but by now we’re sure you’ve heard of the no-makeup controversy surrounding actress and endorser Bianca Umali. Her Facebook post, which has garnered reactions and comments in the tens of thousands, struck a chord among

8 Ways to Make an Impression on Instagram, Miss Universe-Style

The real pregame is online.
The delegates of the 65th Miss Universe pageant are already arriving in Manila in batches this week but the "competition" has actually begun a while back. As early as when the girls were crowned to represent their respective countries, the digital-savvy of