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Here's Why Kyline Alcantara No Longer Cares About Looking Perfect on Social Media

"Eventually narealize ko rin po na may masasabi at masasabi talaga lahat...So just live your freaking life."
Looking good may be part of a celebrity's job description, but as every star inevitably has to learn, there's danger in letting that consume you. With social media increasing that pressure tenfold, it's often up to the celebrities themselves to stand up

Get Exclusive Tweets from People You Stan Through Super Follows

Users with more than 10,000 followers can earn, too.
As a social media platform, Twitter is most used for conversations, debates, or just about anything that crosses your mind. Hoping to "support the voices driving these conversations with money," the American microblogging service officially rolled out Super Follows on Wednesday, September

The Tastiest Food Trends on Social Media We've Seen This 2021 (So Far)

Which of these have you already tried?
We’ve all been there: scrolling through our Instagram or TikTok feeds at midnight, and getting hungry seeing all the scrumptious food on our screens. Despite restrictions during the pandemic, the foodie hype lives on with influencers and common folk alike often posting

Are We Finally Getting the Long-Awaited Edit Button on Twitter?

Yes and no.
Our friends @Brizzly are back! We’re excited about their new Tweet compose & auto-deletion tools. They even edit feature!???? Check them out ???? an announcement posted on March 10, Brizzly+ says that it's "the closest thing to an Edit Button

What Is the LYKA App That a Lot of Celebs All Seem to Use?

Curious about those Gems? Same.
The Twitter-trending LYKA app launched in Southeast Asia as early as March 2019, but it definitely piqued people's interest and curiosity in January of 2021 after actress Ivana Alawi's YouTube video featuring her mom went viral.In the video, Ivana reveals the she gifted her mom

Heart Evangelista Shuts Down Netizens Who Told Her She Badly Needs to Have a Baby

The insensitive comment forced her to recount a traumatizing moment when she lost her twins to miscarriage.
It’s almost 2021, and yet some people still feel the need to comment on other people’s personal lives. Case in point: some insensitive netizens’ unsolicited advice for Heart Evangelista, which led the actress to recount the traumatizing period in her life when

Here's Why Ranting on Social Media Might Be Bad for You

Even health experts agree.
Rants aren’t anything new on social media. Some may say it’s a good avenue to blow off steam, especially when you feel like there’s nowhere else to place or channel your emotions. Not to mention the act may seem like an especially

The PNP Will Now Search Your Social Media for Quarantine Violations

Something you post might be used against you.
Think twice before posting pictures of your family gatherings on social media, these might be used by the police to “summon” you. The Philippine National Police (PNP) will now search social media for possible violations of quarantine rules, including videos, photos, and posts

FYI: Facebook Can Now Cancel Your Account

Here's how to avoid it.
Since its founding in 2004, Facebook has always championed online connectedness and the open sharing of information among its users. But in the last three years, Facebook has purged billions of accounts that violated its rules.Below is a notification sent by Facebook

The Internet is Freaking Out About Giant Bats from the Philippines

Giant bats from the Philippines are the largest in the world.
People on social media are freaking out over photos of giant bats from the Philippines."Just imagine this bat waking up and flying straight at you," says Twitter user @KingLeoRio. "I'd flee the country."Remember when I told y'all about the Philippines having human-sized