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A Pair of Heart-Shaped Sunglasses Is Summer's Hottest Instagram Trend

You need one, stat.
A Pair of Heart-Shaped Sunglasses Is Summer's Hottest Instagram Trend
You need one, stat.

The heart-eyed emoji is our personal favorite. It conveys general support and a digitized, one-tap adoration for everything it touches: pepper the comments section of a friend's selfie with it and the world will instantly know that you think her face is great.

Cupid ain't stupid. And this summer, we challenge you to spread that unabashed positivity and be the emoji—literally. Flirty, heart-shaped sunnies are all over our Instagram feeds!

It's worth mentioning that we first noticed 'em on none other than Heart Evangelista, after whom the trend must have been named. It's mindblowingly perfect, and there's no other explanation as to why the look is spreading like wildfire. 

Heart's BFF, Lovi Poe, rocks it just as well (please also note how her name is exactly one letter off from"love"). These girls are in on some secret Valentine club.

Camille CoDane Gonzales, and Yuki Tansengco make a case for Saint Laurent's coquettish Lou Lou sunglasses. White frames are always refreshing in the sun's searing glare, but present them in this kitschy Lolita-esque silhouette and they become 10 times more memorable.

Whoever said you had to leave funky shades in your childhood? Not us. Little girls only grow up to play with bigger toys, and there's no better schoolyard than fashion.


IMAGE Saint Laurent, H&M, Claires

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