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10 Classic Wayfarers to Add to Your Sunglasses Collection

These are perfect for all face shapes!
Among the many sunglasses styles out there, wayfarers in particular are favored by many. These classic frames that were popularized back in the '50s through the '60s can easily flatter most—if not all—face shapes. It boasts of a natural, clean top bar that

12 Instagrammable Sunglasses to Spice Up Your Next Selfie

No eye makeup, no problem.
Whether you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses to add to your growing collection or you simply want an additional accessory for your next Instagram selfie, you've come to the right place! What you need is a sunnies glow up! We're

2009 Style Trends You Can Still Wear Today

A decade later, we’re still reaching into our closets for these pieces!
There are some trends that we want to bury six feet underground so they never see the light of day again. And then there are those timeless pieces that really do stand the test of time. From chambray shirts to mod-style shifts,

LOTD: Sarah Lahbati Has the Coolest Way to Wear Shield Sunglasses

No cyborgs here!
Looks like the time of tiny sunglasses might be over soon! Judging by this season’s fall international runways, people seem to be leaning towards larger lenses for better protection against the sun. We’re talking about shield sunglasses, FYI—single lensed, large-silhouette shades often

8 Style Lessons We Learned from Glaiza De Castro

See her fave accessory to wear!
Actress Glaiza De Castro marches to the beat of her own drum, especially when it comes to her fashion choices. Her bold spirit reflects her sartorial swing, which often involves statement-making details that set her apart from the crowd. Heavily influenced by

Is It Time for You to Ditch Your Tiny Trendy Sunglasses?

We hate to be the one to tell you this but...
What do these sunglasses all have in common?Apparently, they're all useless when it comes to protecting those precious peepers. According to ophthalmologist Dr. Rahul Pandit, this '90s throwback allows "more get around. Larger frames are going to protect you more." What's

These Are the Summer's Hottest Sunglasses Trends You Should Know

Pick one...or hoard all.
Summer 2017 saw the resurgence of those candy-tinted aviators that were the stuff of every '70s dream. You remember! Quite understandably, sunglasses trends are arguably the quickest to come and go—something probably owed to their simultaneous accesibility and necessity. Because sun protection

LOTD: Heart Evangelista's Got a Thing for Heart-Shaped Sunnies

Who says these fun shades are only for kids? We think not!
Heart Evangelista is all heart-eyed these days. Like, literally. It seems that the actress has taken quite a liking to sunnies that are molded in the shape of her very own name! Check out what we mean, below.Doesn't she remind you of

8 Sunnies to Style Up Your Fashion Game

Throw this kind of shade our way, stat.
No outfit is complete without your accessories. And what is better than having the right pair of optics to supe up your style or mood, but ones that follow your designer inclinations at the same time?Enter Kering Eyewear, whose headlining brands any

How to Fix Your Scratched Sunglasses

Don't throw those scratched sunnies just yet!
It's an all too familiar story. You wear your sunnies out but forget to bring its pouch. Eventually, when you've grown tired of wearing it for the day, you're left with no choice but to stow it in your bag, along with

These Retro White Sunglasses Are All Over Instagram

So '90s.
It may be summer elsewhere in the world, but hailing from a country where the heat blazes pretty much all year round, sunglasses trends are always applicable. That said, enter the '90s white frame!Rocky Barnes has got all kinds of Mario Testino

Would You Buy These Sunglasses That Double as Hoop Earrings?

We love a multitasker, no doubt about it: satin slips that double as sultry going-out dresses, all-purpose silk scarves, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combos. But, the question stands: would you wear this glasses-and-hoop-earrings hybrid from online retailer ASOS?IMAGE ASOS.comInteresting. Here's what they

Fashion Dictionary: The Different Sunglasses Shapes You Need to Know

Don't confuse 'em anymore!
Now you know exactly what to ask for when shopping for sunnies. Today's fashion lesson ensures that you'll never confuse a browline and a retro square ever again! Get cool in school, girls.IMAGE Angeline MoralesAVIATORS: Classic aviators have smoked or reflective lenses