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Heart Evangelista Reveals the Fashion Item She Can’t Live Without

Aug 28, 2020

Heart Evangelista shows us she's as meticulous about caring for her clothes as she is about selecting the pieces that go into her wardrobe.

Heart Evangelista's closet is probably your modern-day wardrobe dream realized. Raking in almost 8.8 million views on YouTube, her closet tour video is Heart's most watched vlog as of writing. Here, she lets you a peek into her boudoir, revealing her most prized fashion items.

In fact, her video tells us so much how Heart loves fashion. For one, she has a clever system of arranging her clothes. Where most people would think to sort them by season or color, Heart looks at it differently. She has a go-to rack, a to-wear section, and for-keeps pile. "I appreciate and treasure my old clothes. It’s how you arrange it that makes it look exciting to wear again," she tells Preview.

While Heart loves the therapeutic effect of shopping, she's also quite pragmatic when it comes to her fashion purchases. This practical mindset along with a strong sense of self-confidence has helped shape her personal style into what it is now. Heart describes her style as modern classic, primarily because she likes to remix her old pieces with more current items to give her old ones new life.

"I guess I’m quite lucky that my job especially when I was younger, had a lot to do with fashion and I was, in a way, funded by my work to dress up and look good. As time goes by, you realize what you really need are just the basic stuff." Trends come and go but classics will always be in style, Heart believes.

Hence, she invests in timeless pieces. But mind you, her sense of investment isn't just hinged on spending money. "It’s also about how you take care of your clothes so it will always look new if you style it properly and differently," she explains.

Heart has become quite an expert in repeating clothes that you barely notice it on the 'gram. "I love to repeat my clothes. Again, that’s what you pay for and it really depends on how you style it and re-style it." Apart from investing in a quality item that you know will last you long, she advises that you also develop a good habit of taking care of them.

"I have my favorite white tops and dresses which I just mix and match with my other pieces. I know how to invest in good clothes and so I should also know how to keep them until I’m old and gray," she says. Heart shares that her wardrobe's current organization is partly because she doesn't just buy, wear, then toss her clothes out. Instead, she believes that by "simply putting them in a nice place and washing them carefully with a product that fights the signs of clothes aging," you're sure to love them time and again.

After all, outfit repeating isn't a problem nor is it an issue, Heart stresses. "Even if you wear the same jacket every day, it’s how you make people feel it’s different with how you carry it with a different shade of lipstick or hair style. You don’t need so many clothes. We also have to be practical and choose quality over quantity."

That said, Heart is meticulous in caring for her beloved pieces. She looks for a detergent that fights the five signs of clothes aging, namely color fading, roughness, shape loss, bobbling, and yellowness. And with Comfort Care Detergent's anti-aging technology, her clothes stay as vibrant as when they were bought, and her whites remain pristine. Her clothes don't suffer from fiber pilling and they don't lose shape either. Heart's trusted detergent works wonders in making her clothes not just clean, but also feeling soft and looking brand new for longer.

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