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The 10 Fashion Trends That Dominated Year 2020

What was fashion like in 2020?
The 10 Fashion Trends That Dominated Year 2020
IMAGE instagram/sarahlahbati, angeliquemanto
What was fashion like in 2020?

Although 2020 has left us cooped up in our homes for the majority of the year, we all know that the pandemic has never stopped us from dressing up and quarantining in style. We’ve seen the rise of the nostalgic Y2K era and even witnessed everyone's quick transition to comfy and cool loungewear. With that being said, it’s safe to say that 2020 has definitely had its fair share of iconic fashion trends, too! So as the year finally comes to a close, what better way to say goodbye than taking one last quick yet fashionable trip down memory lane?

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Without further ado, here are 10 fashion trends that have dominated the year 2020. 

Shoulder bags 

Starting the year off with the strong resurgence of Louis Vuitton’s mini pochettes and Prada’s latest re-editions, we already know just how big this retro trend will be. Carrying a bag like this gave us a cuter look to run errands with throughout the day. But ultimately, you can’t deny that its hands-free feature is one that we all look for in a bag. 



PHOTO BY instagram/reigernar
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Frock dresses

2020 was all about comfort. So when it came to dresses, many of us also bid good bye to tight fitting pieces and instead welcomed loose and billowy frocks into our closets. Chic, cute, and very summer-friendly, these dresses are surely suited for everyday wear in Manila! 



PHOTO BY instagram/sarahlahbati


Dad sandals

In the past few years, we saw the massive success of chunky dad sneakers. But this time around, we’re into another version of the retro style—sandals. Though they’ve had a reputation for being called "ugly", they were evidently a true crowd favourite this year. With everyone purchasing a pair of Birkenstocks or even bagging themselves a leather version from Chanel, we may be seeing more of these come 2021! 



PHOTO BY instagram/itscamilleco


Chunky jewelry

The world of fashion does not only encompass clothing, it includes accessories too! And this 2020, everybody seemed to be breaking out chunky jewelry to compliment their daily uniforms. Whether it’s gold and silver chains or even beautiful pearls—there was one simple rule to follow: The chunkier, the better. Plus, they seem to serve as a great layering piece when matched with other delicate pieces. 



PHOTO BY instagram/angeliquemanto


Baggy jeans

Nowadays, we’ve all been straying away from skinny jeans and are opting for slouchier and more relaxed cuts. But none of us seem to be complaining because it perfectly fits in with 2020’s renewed and casual approach to everyday wear. Plus, we can guarantee that there are also a ton of ways you can go about with styling this piece. You can match it with a cute baby tee or pair it with a button down polo, feel free to experiment as these bottoms are quite versatile.



PHOTO BY instagram/bernardokath



If there was one piece of outerwear that took 2020 by storm, it would probably be cardigans. A cozy '90s-inspired style brought back to life, cardigans are lightweight and easy to wear no matter the weather. This is probably why we kept this piece in rotation all year long! 



PHOTO BY instagram/tonisiaa


Tie dye

From being a cute childhood project to being coined as one of 2020’s biggest fashion trends, tie-dye has truly come a long way since then. When the lockdowns were implemented worldwide, this psychedelic print became a huge hit as it served as an easy DIY project for people of all ages. Even better, it, too, gave all of us a chance to revamp our old clothing and don a new style!  



PHOTO BY instagram/phoemelabaranda


Corset tops

One thing’s for sure, corset tops truly took center stage this 2020. Since we all got into different lingerie-inspired pieces like bra tops and boxer briefs, corsets were sure to come next into our arsenal. Sleek, flirty, and perfect for transitioning from day to night, we are once again obsessed with this nostalgic ‘90s trend and we can’t wait to see more from it!  



PHOTO BY instagram/vivoree


Loungewear sets

Like we said, comfort was our main priority this 2020. Hence, we weren’t surprised when loungewear sets like joggers and sweaters instantly took over our lives. Instead of spending all of our days at home wearing old T-shirts and shorts, we luckily leveled up our game with cute loungewear sets! It provides us with the same amount of comfort, yet still keeps us in style. 



PHOTO BY instagram/idaandu


Animal Prints

Nope, we're not talking about the usual leopard or snake prints. This 2020, we're adding more animal prints to our zoo of a closet. Zebra and cow prints are welcome additions to our rotation of accent pieces, no doubt about it! 


PHOTO BY instagram/ashleyogarcia


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