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9 "Loungerie" Pieces to Shop That Will Elevate Your WFH Outfits

It's the 2022 fashion trend you'll want to get behind on.
At the start of 2020, when we thought the pandemic was probably going to be a one-to-two month thing (and boy, were we wrong), we didn't think of upgrading our loungewear wardrobe. And now, fresh off of the heels of COVID-19 year

5 Fashion Trends Spotted on Celebrities at the Preview 25 House Party

Check out the looks we're stealing from Mica Javier, Dimples Romana, Glaiza de Castro and many more!
Preview celebrated its 25th anniversary last December 5 through a virtual event. Local celebrities, influencers and avid readers were invited to the party and asked to dress up in piecess from their favorite local desginer brands or designers.Some of the trends spotted

The 10 Fashion Trends That Dominated Year 2020

What was fashion like in 2020?
Although 2020 has left us cooped up in our homes for the majority of the year, we all know that the pandemic has never stopped us from dressing up and quarantining in style. We’ve seen the rise of the nostalgic Y2K era

This Is the '90s Slide Sandal Silhouette That's Coming Back Now

It's perfect heel for all your coming summer parties.
Toes out! Whether or not it's summer where you are, you've no doubt noticed a certain '90s relic that's making its way back (well, apart from the already-popular likes of cardigans and bike shorts, that is): The peeptoe slide sandal stiletto. Over

This Seems to Be the Most Popular Color Combo at the 2019 Emmy Awards

Looks like pink-and-red's still all the rage in Hollywood.
Dubbed by Vogue as the new black-and-white, 2018's most popular pink-and-red color combo recently catapulted out of the runway and into everyone's closets last year after making an impressive number of appearances in Spring-Summer collections. We then subsequently witnessed local celebs following suit, having rocked the

This Is the Fashion Trend Anna Wintour Hopes to Never See Again

As interviewed by Taylor Swift herself.
In this month’s edition of Vogue’s Ask Anna, instead of scouting out questions from random strangers in the street, the fashion magazine looked to Taylor Swift to do the honors—because why not?The brilliant pop star that she is, Taylor, of course, only asked

Camouflage Is the Print These Cool Girls Love Right Now

Consider this your call to arms. With the undeniable popularity of utilitarian silhouettes on the Spring/Summer 2019 runways comes the rise of re-sparked interest in camouflage print! It may remind you of the days you headbanged to pop-punk and wore Converse to

12 Easy Fashion Trends To Try For Each Month of 2019

Are you up to the challenge?
It's a brand spankin' new year, totally rife with style possibilities you can't even begin to imagine! We're 100% not sorry for our enthusiasm, so you may as well let us reel you in with a challenge we hope you won't be

These Wearable 2018 Fashion Trends Will Still Be Huge In 2019

We're calling it.
The new year's ringin' in, but there's no need to overhaul your entire closet just yet! Our sartorial crystal balls are predicting that these beloved 2018 fashion trends will transition reeeal smoothly into 2019. Read on!The style scene went positively nuts for

This Is the New It Bag Fashion Girls Are Carrying Now

Major throwback alert!
Vintage-inspired pieces continue to be in the spotlight, and this latest accessory revival is proof. It's something you probably won't find in your mother's baul but in your teenage closet instead. Start digging through your closet, because bead and pearl embellished bags

Is This Fitted Top the New Plain White Tee?

We pose the question.
Let's just get this out of the way: A plain white T-shirt is never going to go out of style. Like, ever. Though favored fit and fabric may shapeshift as the seasons roll by, it's undeniably an eternal classic—so could it be

8 Trendy Fashion Items Influencers Can't Stop Wearing

So trendy!
Want to know the easiest way to find out what the latest trends are? Just check out some of your favorite influencers’ feeds. Their profiles are filled with must-haves for the season. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest by doing a bit

These Are the Summer's Hottest Sunglasses Trends You Should Know

Pick one...or hoard all.
Summer 2017 saw the resurgence of those candy-tinted aviators that were the stuff of every '70s dream. You remember! Quite understandably, sunglasses trends are arguably the quickest to come and go—something probably owed to their simultaneous accesibility and necessity. Because sun protection

5 Pink and Red Outfits You Can Wear Now

It’s an insanely stylish pairing.
Pink and red is the color pairing du jour. We’re seeing it everywhere from the runways, like Valentino, even on local celebs like Heart Evangelista. What used to be considered a clashing combo is now surprisingly chic. Whether you’re thinking pink or

6 Unexpected Color Combinations You Can Wear Now

Play with Crayola hues!
Wearing all-black has always been a winning fashion decision. It’s chic, foolproof and even Grace Coddington swears by it. Then again, as fashion girls, we have to remind ourselves that it’s not the only color worth wearing. For the current season and

Why the Logo Trend Is More Than Just Hype

We get to the bottom of it.
If years ago you would cringe at the sight of t-shirts plastered with luxury brand logos front-and-center, then fashion’s latest revival will probably have you rethinking the next time you come across such finds. Enter logomania, the fashion trend that has won