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Meet the Local Designer Behind Camille Co's Gorgeous Prenup Shoot Dresses

Her aesthetic is dainty and ultra feminine.
Meet the Local Designer Behind Camille Co's Gorgeous Prenup Shoot Dresses
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/itscamilleco
Her aesthetic is dainty and ultra feminine.

Elizabeth Hallie is a local designer who's best known in the wedding industry. She's been in the business for 15 years, which makes it no surprise that she's also on the radar of our top local influencers. In fact, when Kryz Uy tied the knot with Slater Young last February, the couple had their bridesmaids wear her designs; the Blogger Besties were each clad in dreamy tulle frocks designed by Elizabeth.


More recently, Camille Co posted some photos from her engagement shoot, in which the fashion blogger was wearing a dainty white gown made by Elizabeth, as well.

Below, we got the chance to catch up with Elizabeth herself as she tells us more about her brand.

What is the concept behind Elizabeth Hallie Design? 

"Elizabeth Hallie Design was derived from my own name. The reason why I felt like naming the business after me was because I have always been very hands on with all my designs and I have always believed that each piece should speak of who I am—simple, feminine, and tasteful."


Who designs your gowns? Please describe your overall aesthetic. Do you have a signature element?

"On overall designs, I am the only one who sketches and comes up with the designs for my RTW bridal collections. For my MTO clients, I ask the brides to give their suggestions and closely work with them to make sure their gowns also reflect their own personalities.

"My design aesthetic is basically clean, feminine, and couture. I embrace the minimalist side to bridal design but consider myself versatile enough to also come out with bolder and more statement ensembles."

What kind of materials do you usually use in producing your items? What made you decide to pursue using these materials?

"I source all my materials from abroad because I do not want to compromise the quality of my creations. I use the usuals such as lace, organza, beads, ribbons, but I always see to it that I pan out unique ideas for my designs to stand out. I want my clients to feel that their pieces are one of a kind."


Do you have a signature design or key element evident through your collections? Where do you usually draw inspiration from?

"Many of my friends say I love using uncommon concepts and I guess that's true. I fancy geometric patterns and lines; I like uneven hems, angled sleeves, and the like. I think most of my ideas sprout from current trends but transcend into my own interpretation—turning the eccentric into minimal, and the minimal into high fashion numbers."

How did you start your business? Could you tell us something about yourself?

"After finishing a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design at the College of Saint Benilde, I also attended short courses at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion to further define my identity as a designer. I have always been in love with dressing up and have always been fashion savvy, and that where the idea of starting my own business came from. I have been curating bridal concepts for the past 16 years and I can only pray to be able to go on with this passion of mine for more years to come."


Do you have a signature design or key element evident through your collections?

"I try to be as playful with concepts as I can be. I don't like sticking to just one style or one theme, I'm more of an 'open variety' type of designer—as long as it embodies a clean, feminine, and high fashion look."

Describe your ideal muse.

"The ideal muse would be someone who has happiness coming from within. I want whoever wears my designs to feel a spark of joy everytime they put on their dress. As [much as] I would love so much for celebrities, influential people, and models to wear my creations, I would always choose to see actual brides or clients walk confidently in their Elizabeth Hallie Design pieces."


Speaking of muses, it seems like local influencers consider you as their go-to designer. Could you tell us how Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy, and the others met you?

"I met Kryz Uy when she was still single because she pulled out some pieces from my RTW collections. Since then, I have kept in touch with her and kept a good working relationship. When I heard she got engaged and was planning her wedding already, I messaged her and asked her if she wanted me to design her entourage dresses and she agreed. I started meeting the Blogger Besties one by one during their fittings and was able to spend a little bit of time with them during Kryz' wedding in Cebu. They were such a delight to work with."

If someone goes to you for a custom dress, how does your process usually start? How involved can a customer be in terms of design?

"For customized items, I usually ask my clients if they have pegs or ideas of what they want their dresses to look like. I consider their input 100% but I also suggest concepts that I know will suit them best. I want the client to feel as involved in the process as possible to keep them excited with the outcome of each piece."


What are your brand's greatest strengths? What sets you apart from other stores?

"One thing I am proud of is that I take being hands on with my clients seriously. In the event of a wedding—whether big or small—I try to make myself available to attend and assist the client personally with her gown. It gives me so much fulfillment to witness such happiness and contentment from their faces. My business becomes more a purpose this may and I believe that is why I have been blessed with so many clients and have maintained good relationships with each of them."

What about its weaknesses? How are you able to overcome these?

"My brand's weakness would have to be the struggle of responding to client inquiries on time. Because of the many blessings we have been receiving, messages have been pouring in and at times we can't keep track of all queries and end up giving delayed replies, which affects our sales and potential clientele. Today, I have appointed other people to help me respond through our various platforms in order to catch up with our correspondence."


Where do you see your brand in the coming years? What should we expect from Elizabeth Hallie in the future?

"My thirst for learning never stops. I would like to expand my knowledge on designs and elevate different concepts with my brand. In the coming years, Elizabeth Hallie Design will become a go-to bridal atelier that will turn the simplest designs into high fashion, one-of-a-kind pieces."

What are your price points for RTW and made-to-order pieces?

"My price points depend on what the client is looking for. I usually start at a base price of P50,000 and work our way up or around the client's budget and desired aesthetic. I try to be as flexible as possible with pricing so I can cater to both quaint and grand weddings."