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Former Preview Fashion Director Daryl Chang Just Launched a Web Boutique

Shop Deliver Deliver Daily now!
Former Preview Fashion Director Daryl Chang Just Launched a Web Boutique
Shop Deliver Deliver Daily now!

If you consider yourself a fashion-lover that favors more refined sensibilities, scrub the need to constantly shop abroad for clothes that serve your style—your future local fashion obsession has finally launched online! Deliver Deliver Daily, the brain child of Preview’s former Fashion Director Daryl Chang and Preview Best Dressed  Denise Reyes, is stocked with design-led pieces curated from independent fashion brands all over Asia. 

Each piece from this online boutique has seemingly been handpicked for a woman looking to invest in a wardrobe that’s as smart-looking as it is uncommon. Count on one of the country’s top stylists partnered with the woman behind trendy local shoe brand Primadonna to serve up a quality lineup to shop from: handsome belted blazers and coat dresses, plaid pieces that are polished, and minimalist tops that hold their own thanks to a vibrant hue or a sharp silhouette. The bonus comes in the form of styling tips you pick up just by studying the images on the site.

In an interview with Preview, Daryl tells us more about the birth of the brand, the challenges they faced, and more exciting things that we can look forward to!

What inspired you to put up your online store Deliver Deliver Daily?

"I’ve always known that I was going to create a line of clothes at some point, be it designed by myself or curated. How Deliver Deliver Daily was born, though, was a curiously happy accident.


"My partner Denise Reyes and I both shop in numerous online stores. One particular online brand that we both liked incidentally had two brick and mortar locations that we each got to see: one in New York, which Denise was able to visit, and one in Paris, which I was able to go to.

"Without knowing it, we started talking about this particular online brand only to discover that we coincidentally saw it in two different continents! When we started comparing notes on the experience, we realized that most of their stock—this store that we would buy all our fashion pieces from—got their pieces from Asia. That was the lightbulb moment, like, wait a minute—we’re actually closer to the source of these clothes than America and Europe! I think we can do this! And that was that. And here we are."

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How would you describe the aesthetic that your brand is going for?

"Deliver Deliver Daily is for the confident woman who has a clear point of view. She knows what she wants. Design is the number one consideration, of course—that, and a minimal, luxurious, and seasonless sensibility."

Would you say the pieces that your brand sells also harken back to your own personal style?

"Of course. If you look through our site, it’s essentially a complete wardrobe of tailored blazers, volume tops, and statement dresses—a mirror of my own wardrobe, essentially."


Did you face any challenges in mounting the store?

"Oh yes, every day! Denise and I decided to open this store with a big team: her and me. [Laughs.] So the process from start to finish—buying, logistics, shipping, inventory, concepts, shoots, the site, working the site to finally launching it—were all first-hand and all hands-on experiences. There were so many moving parts that we had to assemble, but—I’ve heard this from somewhere and which also proved true when we were doing this—that the best partner is one that has strengths opposite yours. While both Denise and I share the same taste in fashion and we both are the buyers, our expertise branches out. My strength is in creatives, so everything visual was mine, while Denise’s strength was in numbers, so everything logistics was hers. We both respect each other’s capabilities and that’s really how I think we successfully got to the goal."


How would you say your brand differs from other online stores in the market?

"We are the complete opposite of over assortment. What we have is a quiet niche online, an elevated click-and-mortar experience with a very tight edit of investment pieces, specific to women with exceptionally refined aesthetics."

May we know where you source your pieces?

"We source from independent fashion brands across Asia. This first collection is from Korea. "


What can we expect from your brand in the future?

"A full Deliver Deliver Daily line, including accessories, shoes, and designer collaborations that ship internationally! We’ve actually had abandoned checkouts from abroad the day we launched, mainly because, as of now, the payment system only accepts local transactions. We want to reach as many global Deliver Daily girls and boys as soon as we can—just wait for it."

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