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Cole Sprouse Photographs Sophie Turner for W Magazine

Riverdale's off-duty lensman meets Sansa Stark IRL.
Cole Sprouse Photographs Sophie Turner for W Magazine
IMAGE Cole Sprouse for W Magazine
Riverdale's off-duty lensman meets Sansa Stark IRL.

Two TV worlds collided IRL for W Magazine's newest feature. Sophie Turner, better known as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, became the muse of Riverdale's Cole Sprouse for a dreamy, vintage-inspired photoshoot.

Set in the English countryside, Sophie posed for Cole sans her GoT persona. The story is headlined by a photo of the actress in her naturally blonde hair, plus a sequined Altzurra number that's more Margaery Tyrell than the young Stark.

In the interview, Sophie couldn't help letting her inner fangirl out after the shoot. Because just like us, she, too, is a fan of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody star.

"I love Cole. I watched him when I was growing up," she gushes. "I said to him [on set], ‘When I was younger, I watched your show religiously.’ That was my jam. I know every single episode. My eight-year-old self was freaking out."

Sophie then talks further about her Game of Thrones character, Sansa Stark. Turns out, she bagged the role when a casting call for an "unknown fantasy show" came to her school. "I didn’t know what Game of Thrones was. I didn’t know HBO," she says.

The actress also shared that dying her hair red for the screen was terrifying at first. "Being a thirteen year old girl and going red, of course you kind of get mercilessly teased about it," Sophie explains. She eventually jumped the gun when the producers told her how critical it was to Sansa's ancestry and overall character.

And now that GoT is on its second to the last season, she revealed being terrified to let go of her role of eight years. "I am fully aware that it is coming to an end, but I don’t think I’ll be ready until I shoot my final scene, and then I think I will be completely an emotional wreck for the next year or so of my life. I’m really not looking forward to it. It is terrifying."


That said, her upcoming film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is something to look forward to. She's set to play a non-medieval part this time in the form of Jean Grey.

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