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What It's Like to Have 20 Seconds with Cole Sprouse

He's a really smart guy!
Cole Sprouse is not the guy you see on Riverdale. Sure, the same mysterious aura is there, but the real Cole? Infinitely better than his television persona. During a presson with Bench's newest global ambassador, I got the chance to see the actor

Cole Sprouse Is the Newest Face of Bench

We can only hope that he comes to visit Manila soon!
This is not a drill! Cole Sprouse is officially the newest #GlobalBenchsetter!It was revealed at Bench Fashion Week that the Riverdale star has served as the inspiration for Bench's Holiday 2017 collection, featuring preppy pieces like bomber jackets and side-striped trousers. It's a nod to the

Cole Sprouse Photographs Sophie Turner for W Magazine

Riverdale's off-duty lensman meets Sansa Stark IRL.
Two TV worlds collided IRL for W Magazine's newest feature. Sophie Turner, better known as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, became the muse of Riverdale's Cole Sprouse for a dreamy, vintage-inspired photoshoot.Set in the English countryside, Sophie posed for Cole sans her

Who's Your Daddy: Defining the New Millennial Word

Are you a "daddy"?
The word daddy has been around for many years. For many, it simply means father, or perhaps a term of endearment for a father-figure in your life. But in reference to what Yondu said to Peter Quill in the latest Guardians of

#ImAPreviewFangirl: A Dissection of The Cole Sprouse Effect

What a dreamboat.
We've fallen in love with Cole Sprouse several times over—first in our childhood, and again right now as he plays the introspective, mysterious Jughead Jones on CW's Riverdale. But what exactly is it about this guy that makes him such a dreamboat?