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12 Closet Must-Haves According to Some of Manila’s Top Stylists

Do you have all these pieces in your wardrobe already?
12 Closet Must-Haves According to Some of Manila’s Top Stylists
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Do you have all these pieces in your wardrobe already?

Putting together a wardrobe that will stand the test of time can become quite daunting for anyone. Luckily, these stylists are sharing some of their own closet staples to help you get started on the fashionably-heeled foot.

Sam Potenciano

1. Linen pants are the perfect separates. They can look either dressed-up or casual depending on how you style them. And they're super breathable and light so you can pack them up everywhere—from the city to the beach. Because linen is so big right now, you can try them out in so many different colors and silhouettes, too.”

2. “I love when people wear jewelry that's personal to their style—whether that means layering lots of dainty necklaces or going for big statement-cocktail rings and chunky earrings. I personally tend to defer to relaxed basics and then dress up my look with accessories that are significant to me, like lots of vintage rings on my fingers. Other people might not necessarily notice those details, but they make me feel personally ready to go.”



3. “I do a lot of walking day-to-day, so wearing the right footwear that can take me from the office to a shoot to errands is key. Casual cool is the name of the game. I don't want a shoe that looks like I just stepped out of the gym, so I stock up on minimal, clean-looking canvas shoes from brands like Keds and Converse. Low-key but classic.”

Jed Gregorio 

4. “For me, I find that for business meetings the easiest, fail-safe recourse is a suit, which I would usually wear with a white Oxford button-down and a black knit tie. I think they’re great sheen-free day fabrics. For the suits, I rotate between black, navy, khaki, and some variations of gray.”

5. “Talking of must-haves, I think there’s great mileage in owning three-piece sets (that is, with a waistcoat), because you still look smart without the jacket, especially if the weather’s particularly balmy. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of use from my cream linen suit jacket, which is quite light and relatively unstructured. It’s perfect for Manila weather.”


6. “For shoes I’d wear cap-toe Oxfords or sometimes even just Vans.”

7. “I’m mindfully rationing the wear on some recent acquisitions, like a purple light-knit Fendi turtleneck, and a striped crimson silk-blend Lanvin shirt. Those colors are so rich, and I imagine they’re the farthest things from “essentials” if you’re building a wardrobe from scratch, but I think you do need those one or two out-there pieces that nudge you not to be stuck in a fashion rut. I have this pink Salad Day jacket that has a ruffled collar and huge fur sleeves. I’ve worn it only once, but I’ll definitely take that with me in a fire!”

Cath Sobrevega 

8. “A light trench coat that will work in our weather. I feel like it adds character to any look.”

9. “A nice-fitting pair of boyfriend or mom jeans—nothing too tight.”

10. “Something really comfy and chic that can go from day to night like block heels.”


11. “Mini sling purse that will fit all the essentials—something you can use in the morning straight to a date night.”

12. “Wide-legged trousers that will make you look and feel like a supermodel because it gives an illusion that you are tall.”

This isn’t the end-all, be-all list of staples, but it should help you get started on building the wardrobe of your dreams. Remember that fashion should always be fun and it’s okay to change your mind about the pieces you have. What’s next on your shopping list?