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Celebrate Friendship Day with These 5 Stylish Celeb Besties

Stylish sisters for life!
Celebrate Friendship Day with These 5 Stylish Celeb Besties
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Stylish sisters for life!

Humans are natural social creatures. We've always best thrived in life when we're around the people we love. Plus, if you've got an equally stylish BFF, that just means more adorable OOTDs and twinning opportunities. See what we mean below as we round up five celebrity BFFs! Gather up style lessons and cop posing techniques from these pairs and trios so you can celebrate Frienship Day with your own best friend! 

Kathryn Bernardo and Arisse De Santos

One of the perks of having a best friend is that you can vacation together! Capture your R&R getaway with matching sunnies by the beach or twinning faux fur coats!

Janine Gutierrez and BJ Pascual

We know that best friends are your forever date to any social gathering! Take the opportunity to dress up and complement each other's style. Better yet, wear the same item and interpret it with each of your own sartorial tastes!

Juliana Gomez and Claudia Barretto

The best part of having your parents maintain close ties with other parents? Instant childhood BFFs! Channel your inner Serena and Blair and glam up together!

Nadine Lustre, Lauren Reid, and Kiana Valenciano

Whoever said three's a crowd is clearly mistaken. Well, if you've got two best friends, that is! What's better than dressing in double denims? Your stylish sisters tripling the fun!

Laureen Uy, Camille Co, and Kryz Uy

What better way to celebrate your friendship than by conquering the world with your best gals. Jet set in style and take one country at a time, just like Laureen, Camille, and Kryz, better known as the Blogger Besties!