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The Bucket Hat Is Back, and Here's How You Should Be Wearing Yours

The Bucket Hat Is Back, and Here's How You Should Be Wearing Yours
We're serious.

Seems there's a lot we're blaming Marc Jacobs for this year. Apart from helping spur the return of the rugby shirt, the American label is bringing back another old, sort-of-dorky favorite: the bucket hat.

Ready to go catch somethin'? Though it's also called the fisherman's hat, the bucket historically finds its roots all the way back in the 1940s, when the battle-weary Israeli Defense Force troops needed desert sun protection for their exposed napes. That said, it's actually the rappers of yore (in OG choice Kangol, of course) we can thank for unofficially propelling the bell-shaped chapeau to cult fame—legends Run-D.M.C. and LL Cool J were some of its most devoted donners, for example. The latter in particular was noteable, the hip-hop scene deeming him rap's "most recognizable bucket hat stan."


There's no cooler way to conceal your cranium right now. The bucket hat started worming its way back into our minds and onto our belaguered heads via the Spring/Summer 2017 season—if you remember, Paul & Joe, Aalto, and Etro all sent interesting versions down the runway—but it's the aforementioned Marc Jacobs Fall collection that's keeping us on a chin-tied string. 

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Thing is, we don't quite get it, either: For all its stred cred, the bucket hat remains one of fashion's Most Difficult To Pull Off (up there with Matrix shades and fanny packs). What all three have in common, though, is the strange-yet-proven appeal of their awkwardness. Admit it, there has to be a reason, a tying factor of some kind, as to exactly why they're so collectively au courant. Fashion likes being challenged, and therefore the test we will bravely take! Maybe the gratification lies in the incomparable triumph one feels after successfully achieving the #look? Victory can get pretty addicting...


Now, a tip: Go crazy. The more outlandish, the better. Let them stare, then proceed to stare unashamedly back from under the floppy brim of your new topper. Try Sandara Park's purple fatigue-print number on for size...but, if you must play safe, a logo-stamped or metallic option will more than do. Drop that line.

Adidas Originals Bucket hat, Sports Central, SM Mega Fashion Hall; Stylenanda Metallic Cobalt bucket hat, P995,; Bershka Camo fatigue bucket hat, P795, SM Aura; Forever 21 Tie-dye bucket hat, P655, SM Megamall

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