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This Chain Belt Seems to Be the New Favorite of Instagram's Cool Girls

They're all chained up!
Chain mail's incoming, and it's definitely being passed around. Instagram's cool girls are looping chunky layers of silver links around their waists in this latest wave of '90s nostalgia! Once favored only by those pants-droppin', spitfire-rappin' kids on the street, the chain

8 Fashion Trends from the '80s That Are Cool Again

Here's how you can rock retro trends in 2018.
The '80s was a vibrant and bold decade that reminds us of all things glitzy and glam. As the colorful retro years come back to life, we're bound to see how designers are reimagining its iconic trends to fit today's fashion scene.

Is It Time for You to Ditch Your Tiny Trendy Sunglasses?

We hate to be the one to tell you this but...
What do these sunglasses all have in common?Apparently, they're all useless when it comes to protecting those precious peepers. According to ophthalmologist Dr. Rahul Pandit, this '90s throwback allows "more get around. Larger frames are going to protect you more." What's

10 Ways to Wear Stripes According to Local Celebrities

Can you name a more versatile print than stripes?
Stripes have been reincarnated in a million and one ways, and with good reason—they just work! Locally, we've seen designer Chris Diaz showcasing the print in his latest collection at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018. And globally, stripes have made an

7 Cringe-Worthy Trends That Are Actually Cool Now

Fashion goes 'round and 'round, after all!
Fashion, as we all know, is cyclical in nature. That said, we're also thankful that whatever trend that comes back around, returns more polished and more versatile to incorporate to your existing wardrobe. That means all the retro trends that once made

5 Key Trends From Paris Fashion Week

Check out our trend forecast.
Fashion month comes full circle during Paris Fashion Week. Here, we’re distilling some of the top trends that will come at you in six months time. From out-of-this-world sheen to extreme coats, these memorable looks were the talk of Paris. Scroll down and

5 Trends from Milan Fashion Week That You Can Wear Now

Get a head start on your holiday wardrobe.
Print and color are definitely in season. From colored leather to flashy neon, we’re giving you an exciting heads up on what to expect this coming Fall/Winter 2018 straight from the runways of Milan Fashion Week.Here are some of the key looks

Trends Stylish Women are Retiring This 2017

Out with the old and in with the new.
Fashion lives in a cyclical nature—meaning what goes around will come around in due time. This year was the very epitome of this point. With the return of the '90s grunge and the '80s colorful resurgence, new fashion now only means a