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How to Make Sure You're Wearing the Right Bra Size

How to Make Sure You're Wearing the Right Bra Size If it's uncomfortable, then it's time to ditch it.

Choosing the right bra is crucial, especially for full-busted women. However, it's a common struggle to find one that fits perfectly, much less one that's stylish. Still, don't think even a little pain should be tolerated; your bra should neither hurt nor feel uncomfortable. If there's any discomfort, anything at all, then that means you're wearing the wrong size.

Mind you, choosing the right bra doesn't stop at knowing your cup size. Busty model Precious Lee shares, "One thing that I think people sometimes forget—even though they measure the bust—is to literally measure underneath your boobs. That part is super important. It's not just boobs but your ribcage [measurement] that will set the foundation for a great-fitting bra and fully support your breast tissue."

Additionally, adjusting the straps can only do so much. To check if you're wearing the right size, perform this quick bra test. All you need to do is to insert a finger into your bra's band. If you can't, then that means it's too snug. On the flip side, if you can fit more than one, then it's most likely too loose.

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