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10 Practical Tips to Cut Down the Time You Spend on Your Phone

Here's how to slowly become a digital minimalist!
After a year of lockdown, we hold our phones closer to our hearts than ever. This isn't even a bad thing! We should be done feeling guilty about skyrocketing screen time statistics, seeing as we use our devices for work, school, socialization,

Here's How to Properly Clean Your New Ear Piercings

Learn how to do proper aftercare for your piercings here.
Consider your ear piercing as an open wound in your body. It's basically punctured skin with a foreign body stuck in it. We must take extra care of it. One wrong move may lead to infection and pain, which can cause the

5 Tips On How To Make Your Resumé Better

Simple changes that can get you that job!
Job hunting can easily become frustrating, especially for first timers. To some degree, it’s true that first impressions do last, even in the corporate world. And if you’re looking to wow recruiters and make it to the "yes pile" quick, your resumé

How to Style Fine Hair to Make It Look Fuller and Thicker

Don't settle for flat, lifeless hair.
As Asians, we normally have straight, fine hair—but there are still some who can’t escape the genetic code of having fewer follicles on our heads. While most of us can get away with wearing our thin, fine hair down, this also means

How to Save Money While Traveling, According to Laureen Uy

It's all about being smart and patient.
Traveling out of town, especially abroad, can empty out your wallets fast when done without much thought. But that doesn't mean your bank account has to suffer every single time you go on a trip, because believe it not, there are a

A Petite Girl's Guide to Dressing Taller

There's nothing wrong with wanting to add a bit of height!
Dear petite girls, you've got to know that there's absolutely no shame in living on the shorter side of life. But there's no problem with wanting to look a little taller either, especially if it boosts your confidence level up a notch.

How to Make Sure You're Wearing the Right Bra Size

If it's uncomfortable, then it's time to ditch it.
Choosing the right bra is crucial, especially for full-busted women. However, it's a common struggle to find one that fits perfectly, much less one that's stylish. Still, don't think even a little pain should be tolerated; your bra should neither hurt nor feel

How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa

Read this step-by-step guide for Filipino travelers!
Part of the burden of having a Philippine passport is the need to apply for visas for some countries you intend to visit. This includes Japan, South Korea, and of course, the United States. A U.S. visa is one of the most sought-after visas among

How to Smile in Pictures Without Looking Awkward

Keep it natural!
Smiling in real life is simple enough, but when we look at our pictures, we sometimes tend to wonder why we look super awkward. #TrueStoryNow, to help you with your selfie dilemma, we rounded up some tips on how to achieve the

5 Ways to Wear Red Eyeshadow Without Looking Like a Zombie

You don't need to be an expert to nail these looks.
Red eyeshadow is as easy to wear as your everyday brown. Without looking like a zombie, there are easy ways to make red eye makeup wearable and chic. All you need is a little blending and the right attitude to pull it

15 Things Only Girls Who Love Wearing All-Black Understand

Five minutes to get dressed? Easy!
Open any fashion girl's closet and you're sure to see an LBD or three. Below, a few things only girls who adore the stark dark hue will understand. 1. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze. You never need to worry about pairing

5 Celebrity Diet Rules You Need To Follow

Jessy Mendiola, Isabelle Daza and more.
From the notorious General Motors diet down to the South Beach diet, the road to weight loss binds us with so many rules we in turn can’t help but break. But if there’s anything we’ve learned from the experts it’s that there

So You're on Pinterest, Now What?

Dos and Don'ts now that you're on Pinterest.
Feeling a little confused on how to get started on Pinterest? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Pinterest can be a little overwhelming for a new pinner. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go a day without logging

What Tourists Should Never Do in Other Countries

Stay stress-free on your next overseas trip! Take note of these handy reminders.
Every country we visit has its own set of laws and cultural practices we may not be familiar with. Although most fundamental laws are the same, there are some things you commonly do back home that can be seen as rude, offensive, or

5 Ways Fashion Startups Can Market Themselves for Free

The secret: become a social media beast.
(Image by Yayay de Castro)Got some good merchandise in your hands but don’t know how to sell them? No worries. Here are five easy and cost efficient marketing tips every fashion startup can make use of. Tip #1: Talk the talk, talk to