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10 White Button-Down and Jeans Outfit Combos That Always Look Fresh

You can't go wrong with this classy style combo.
10 White Button-Down and Jeans Outfit Combos That Always Look Fresh
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You can't go wrong with this classy style combo.

Let’s be real, who doesn’t own a white button-down and a pair of jeans? These two closet staples are probably the most used and abused items in your wardrobe—and we don’t wonder why. Classy and unfettered by trends, your favorite crisp white shirt and denim jeans will never not be in style.

Case in point, celebs, bloggers, and influencers have a no-fail button-down and jean look they revert to on casual days where they still want to look chic but with minimal effort. On the Spring-Summer 2020 runways, designers like Tom Ford, Tory Burch and Redemption have been spotted sending out this well-loved style combo but in more contemporary silhouettes.


The trick is to not fall into the “office uniform” aesthetic that looks more function than fashion. You should always opt to look cool and not like a co-worker, IMHO. So to help you master the art of button-down dressing, here are 10 stylish combinations to cop so you always look fresh in a shirt and jeans.

Loose Button-Down + Cropped Jeans

Remember the term suman should never exist when donning this style combo. The trick is to play on loose and form-fitting pieces that you should carefully balance out. The simplest way is to pick a button-down that doesn’t hug your body (opt to size up) and a pair of straight-cut cropped jeans that show off your ankles to elongate your legs.

Half-Tucked Button-Down + Tailored or Skinny Jeans

Keep your fave pair of boyfriend jeans in the closet for this style combo. Since you’re styling your top to look haphazardly unkempt, a pair of well-fitted jeans balances out the look perfectly.

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Button-Down + Belted Mom Jeans

A look you’ve probably seen all over social media, it’s obvious why so many Instagram girls prefer this combo. It’s such a flattering outfit for anyone who’d want to fake an hourglass figure or enhance their curves.

Oversized Button-Down + Slim-fit Jeans

Call this a popsicle silhouette if you will. This combo looks so good when you want to flaunt your legs and hide your tummy in the process. Also, pop your collar for some added flair! It’s an easy style combo to dress up or down with either a pair of white sneakers or pumps—all depends on your mood for the day!

White on White

Get that crisp and clean look from head to toe, and opt for an all-white monochromatic ‘fit by matching your button-down with a pair of blanc jeans.


Button-Down (Tied in Front) + High-Waisted Jeans

Add an ounce of sexiness to this casual style combo by cropping your shirt with a knot and pairing it with high-waisted jeans—it's up to you if you prefer your fave mom jeans or skinnies to flaunt.

Go Head-to-Toe Oversized

If you’re the type to stray away from body-hugging pieces, then just go with a loose and breezy silhouette from top down. This combination screams beach holiday even on rainy days, and who wouldn’t want to look like they’re on vacation all year round?

Button-Down as a Cover-up + High-waisted Jeans

With the grueling Manila heat, we’re bound to dress a little hubadera once in a while. Opt to use your button-down (preferably oversized) as a jacket or cover-up over a sports or lace bra and high-waisted jeans. It’s the edgy upgrade you didn't know your look needed.

Billowy Sleeves or Ruffles + High-Waisted Jeans

If you haven’t found that button-down shirt with statement sleeves or ruffle details, then here’s a good reason to shop this style! Reminiscent of 18th century men’s shirts, it’s the perfect top to pair with high-waisted jeans if you want to add a little more drama to your otherwise casual 'fit.


Men’s Button-Down + Straight-Cut or Boyfriend Jeans

You should definitely borrow from the boys! A men’s shirt just fits differently, and it’s even better if you find one that’s sizes bigger! Leave it untucked and worn with straight cut or boyfriend jeans for the ultimate cool girl look. Just make sure to roll up the hems of your jeans for some ankle exposure to make you look taller.

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