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How to Make Your Denim Pants Look Chic

It's possible to be both comfy and chic in your jeans!
Denim is forever. Among the many trends that have come and gone, denim pants have remained to be a closet staple—and with good reason! They're versatile and can be easily spruced up or dressed down. Plus, there are many universally flattering cuts

5 Mistakes You're Unconsciously Doing When Styling Your Skinny Jeans

Maximize your skinny jeans' style potential.
We'll just go ahead and say it: Skinny jeans are forever. It's a timeless and classic pair that can be worn by anyone—no matter one's size, shape, and age. But despite its supposed unifying characteristic, skinnies can also make you look basic

These Are Gap's Best-Selling Jeans in the Philippines

Buy one or all of them!
Doris and Donald Fisher founded Gap back in 1969, hoping to solve a long-time dilemma: Don is in need of jeans that fit well. Hence, it's become Gap's core goal. As simple as it may sound, Gap has always strived to make

5 Things to Remember When Shopping for the Perfect Mom Jeans

For starters, check out how chic they look on Camille Co!
The retro years gave mom jeans a reputation as an unflattering pair, but now that the trend made a triumphant comeback, we beg to disagree. Mom jeans are in fact comfortable, familiar, and chic.  Just look at how gorgeous this pair looks

11 of the Most Expensive Jeans in the World

Would you pay this much for a pair of jeans?
Jeans are possibly the easiest everyday item to reach for in our closets, but for luxury fashion houses, jeans also serve as a blank canvas to express their most extravagant design sensibilities on. From reconstructed denim to crystal-encrusted jeans, discover the most

15 Unique Denim Jackets You Need in Your Closet Right Now

Basics shouldn't have to be boring.
Chances are, you already own a trusty denim jacket. That's great and all, but have you ever considered its potential to be your outfit's statement-maker instead of just being the fallback that it usually is? Below, 15 unique pieces for your serious

Here's How to Properly Cuff Your Jeans

...according to shape and cut, of course!
Denim will never really go out of style, but some things do change on the daily—for example, your preferred silhouette! Throw your closet doors open: whether you're feeling a '70s wide-leg style or those tried and tested skinny jeans, we give you

How to Shop for the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Tips and tricks from celebrity stylists!
Denim jeans are closet must-haves—they go well with most of our clothes and they're just so unbelievably comfy! But in order to snap that perfect denim OOTD, one must be able to find a pair that fits like a glove. To help

14 Pairs of Frayed Denim Jeans You Need In Your Closet Right Now

Get ripped.
This season, jeans aren't simply ripped—they're frayed into delicate fringe, carefully slashed into thin lines of raw hemming, and cut into uber-trendy zig-zag asymmetrics. Know the diff! Lest you go around obliviously donning plain ol' slashed denims, we round up 14 of

8 Local Designers Who Do Custom-Made Denim

These are some good jeans.
Finding the jeans of your dreams can take an actual lifetime—you may accumulate a hefty pile of denims as the years go by, but chances are, they're not your perfect pair. Know what we mean? There's only one solution: take matters into

Denim Glossary: The Jeans Family

We want you to go beyond just the boyfriend.
Moving forward with our Denim Glossary Series, we want to clarify a common misconception with the denim trousers everyone’s mad about, the boyfriend jeans. Ladies, just because it’s baggy, cuffed, and distressed doesn’t mean it’s boyfriend material. We know, even the stores