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You Have to See Kryz Uy and Slater Young's Massive Cebu Mansion

They finally posted a tour of the #SKYPOD!
You Have to See Kryz Uy and Slater Young's Massive Cebu Mansion
IMAGE PHOTO by @kryzzzie
They finally posted a tour of the #SKYPOD!

Vlogger Kryz Uy has been showing bits and pieces of her new home with husband Slater Young through her many beauty vlogs, fashion hauls, and cooking videos. Fans have been dying to get a full glimpse of the #SKYPod (the acronym 'SKY' stands for Slater Kryz Young, for the uninformed). Well, just two days ago, the lovely couple finally posted a complete tour of their modern Cebu mansionand it's breathtaking! 

The video begins with Kryz and Slater opening their main door to welcome viewers into their home. They share that their industrial-style house was actually designed to be a "modern version of a log cabin... a vacation home," Slater says. True enough, the predominantly slate gray home is accented by wooden furniture, lush greenery (like l0w-maintenance cactus!), and a lot of leather seats like Kryz's adorable elephant ottoman. To brighten up the space, most areas of the house are covered in glass from floor to ceiling. "I wanted it to be very bright because I dont like living in dark spaces; I feel like it affects your mood all the time," Kryz says of her request to have natural light inside the house as much as possible.  

Right outside the living room is the patio which can clearly be seen through the glassa cool feature that makes it look like the living room and patio are one huge area. Right after the couple gives a tour of the living room and powder room (where Kryz "learned the art of siesta") they make their way towards the dining room where a Kenneth Cobonpue chandelier, which they fondly call Sia, lights up the space. 

Aside from the glimmering pool that sits smackdab in the middle of the home for everyday "aesthetic" purposes, an oft-overlooked aspect of the house is the kitchen where guests apparently love to linger. Here, there's a quartz table flanked by a huge refrigerator on one side and a small but powerful DeLonghi coffee machine on the other. There is also a smart oven that identifies food and cooks it for you, as well as a sink faucet that turns on with one tap.


While most of the Skypod is painted in muted gray, Kryz adds special touches like accent walls (blue for the guest room and pink for her personal space). She also loves gold accents, like the elephant handles in her "little closet" and the ceiling-tall gold shelf in her vlogging space. 

Ultimately, the Skypod is the modern mansion of our dreams, but you have to watch it yourself to see why:

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