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This Video Will Make You Rethink Those Hate Comments

This Video Will Make You Rethink Those Hate Comments Do trolls never really get satisfied?

For every double tap she gets from her 42.6 million Instagram followers, there is a hater out to bring Kylie Jenner down. From calling her a Kim Kardashian wannabe to posting comments saying that she looks like a gold-digging step mom when posing next to her sister Kendall, these dedicated haters and bashers relish in ripping the ego of this 18-year old girl to shreds.

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Recently, we came across a short film by Will Rebein, which takes one of Kylie’s makeup tutorials, mashing it up with real comments that people have made about her online. Here, we see the 3 minute and 44 second clip played in reverse, symbolizing how the comments are stripping Kylie of her self-esteem.

Rebein writes:

“While reading news articles about Kendall and Kylie in Australia, I was shocked and disgusted by the aggressive comments directed towards Kylie. For years, people have cruelly commented on Kylie's appearance, always pitting her against her sisters Kendall and Kim, and suggesting that her looks are inferior. It's unreal that people take the time out of their day to write these comments, and forget that there is a real person potentially seeing these things and internalizing them. People used to always criticize Kylie for having thin lips, then when she got injections people tried to tear her down - the public will never be satisfied. People forget that Kylie Jenner is a real person; just a young 18 year0-old-girl. This anonymous hate culture on gossip sites is out of control, and I thought by reading these comments (which were literally just taken from the top comments of two articles) and showing imagery of Kylie makes them seem more real and realize how painful the words can be.”


Watch the video and let us know how it makes you feel.

Lately, we touched on the flak people have been getting for taking their IG accounts a little too seriously and how social media can seem like a big fat “lie.” While much has been said about how others portray themselves in the public eye, through this film, Rebein aims to criticize the hate culture on blogs and social media that does nothing but promote negativity.

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