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Here's How Camille Co Dealt with a Racist Comment Online

An internet troll said her designer bags were all fake because she's Asian.
With hundreds of thousands of social media followers, local blogger Camille Co no doubt has a strong presence online. Still, she tries her best to maintain good rapport with her followers, which sometimes also means having to politely deal with internet bullies and

5 Types of Trolls You Meet on the Internet

You can never win in the web.
The Internet is a huge scary virtual world, but what makes it even less friendly are the lurking trolls that await your every post. These are online users who purposely disrupt the community by posting comments, photos, videos, or GIFs powered by

This Video Will Make You Rethink Those Hate Comments

Do trolls never really get satisfied?
For every double tap she gets from her 42.6 million Instagram followers, there is a hater out to bring Kylie Jenner down. From calling her a Kim Kardashian wannabe to posting comments saying that she looks like a gold-digging step mom when