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Would You Buy the Supreme x Oreo Cookie for P203,000?

Would You Buy the Supreme x Oreo Cookie for P203,000?
IMAGE Supreme
We're not kidding.

Supreme may be known for its numerous collabs both in and out of the fashion game, but we haven’t seen anything quite like this before. 

Introducing: Supreme Oreos!

You heard that right, the streetwear brand just partnered with Nabisco to bring to you the most exclusive pack of Oreos you’ll ever encounter. 

Supreme teased the limited edition snack on their official Twitter page last February 17 with a photo of the revamped cookie, which seems to have the original Oreo filling inside, sandwiched between two regular wafers that were dyed red and emblazoned with Supreme’s famous logo on it. If it tastes any different than your normal Oreo, we’ve yet to find out. 

According to various reports, one Supreme x Oreo sleeve with three pieces costs $8 or roughly P408—that's three times the price of an 11-pack bundle of Oreos, FYI. Sounds farfetched for an afternoon snack that you can practically inhale in two minutes? It gets even more preposterous. 


In an article by, it seems internet sellers have taken advantage of Supreme’s high-end reputation and have been reselling the collab for an insane amount online. We’re talking about a listing of $4000 for a pack of red Oreos on eBay that was posted even before the collab officially dropped yesterday. “By noon, bids for a special sleeve of cookies had reached $4000 on two different eBay auctions for the exclusive treats,” Forbes wrote. 

That said, would the hypebeast in you take a bite at these exlusive cookies for approximately P203,602?

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