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8 Romantic Korean Web Dramas That Are Short But Sweet

Can't commit to 16 full episodes of K-dramas?
8 Romantic Korean Web Dramas That Are Short But Sweet
Can't commit to 16 full episodes of K-dramas?

Want to know what the K-Drama hype is all about but can't commit an hour long series? How about trying your hand at Korean web dramas instead? With plotlines just as compelling as your usual Korean shows, these online shorts won't take up much of your time, plus they mostly feature fresh faces that you'll surely fall in love with too.

Here are 8 romantic Korean web dramas you can readily watch online:

1. Love Playlist 

Known to be one of the most famous web dramas as of late, Love Playlist has reportedly accumulated 300 million views across its four seasons. The plot is simple yet engaging for viewers in search of a character-driven story set in college. With episodes running for at least five to eight minutes each, the story mainly revolves around five university students as they navigate love and friendship while trying to keep their group together. 

Watch Love Playlist’s first season below.


Starring: Kim Hyun Suk, Jung Shin Hye, Lee Yoo Jin, Park Jung Woo, Choi Hee Seung

2. A-Teen

Another smash web drama that you’ve probably already heard of is A-Teen. Much like Love Playlist, the show is centered on a group of friends, and the everyday trials and tribulations that they have to face as teenagers in high school. It’s also garnered over 300 million views over two seasons and has, according to Soompi, “set fashion and beauty trends” amongst the South Korean youth at the height of its run. 

Watch both of its seasons on YouTube. 

Starring: Shin Ye Eun, Kim Dong Hee, Lee Na Eun

3. One Fine Week 

Vicariously live out your K-Pop fantasies through One Fine Week. The romantic web drama tells the story of Jung Da Eun, a normal part-time worker who just so happens to look a lot like K-Pop idol Kim Byul. When the latter suffers through bouts of paralyzing social anxiety, her manager seeks out Da Eun and convinces her to take Kim Byul’s place for a week.

watch now

Watch the entire series on YouTube!

Starring: Seo Ji Soo, Shin Jun Seop, Park Geon Il 

4. More Than or Equal to 75 Celsius

While we’ve yet to come across a full-length K-Drama with a queer storyline at its center, Korean web dramas have thankfully marched on ahead with content to feed the LGBT community. One note-worthy short but sweet series comes from the production company Red Q, with More than or Equal to 75 Celsius. The lesbian web show is available on YouTube and runs for two to three minutes per episode. It focuses on the story between two working women—a tea master, and her tea bar’s chief manager—and their blossoming relationship. All this while a third character egging them on together provides a much welcome comedic relief for the show.

Starring: Lee Yu Ri, Hyeonjin

5. Where Your Eyes Linger

Another gay web drama recently making waves this year is the romantic teen show Where Your Eyes Linger. This Boys’ Love series’ main focus is on two childhood best friends who are forced to confront their true feelings for each other when a new female student shows interest in dating one of them. 


Where Your Eyes Linger may be streamed on Viki

Starring: Han Gi Chan, Jang Eui Su, Choi Kyu Ri

6. Maybe, Maybe Not?

A girl who can read minds has stayed on the social outskirts of her university due to her sensitivity to her classmates' thoughts. Everything changes one day when she meets and slowly falls in love with an upperclassman whose mind she can’t read.

Starring: Kim Kang Min, Gong Yoo Rim

7. 7 First Kisses

Sure, 7 First Kisses is essentially a glorified ad for Lotte Duty Free Mall, but honestly, who cares when you’ve got stars like Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, and Lee Jong Suk making guest appearances every episode. The eight episode fantasy web drama centers on Min Soo Jin, a receptionist at Lotte Duty Free who’s never had a boyfriend. She finds luck on her 25th birthday when a mysterious customer repays her kindness with a wish: she’ll finally be granted a boyfriend. The only catch? She must choose between seven different handsome men. Park Hae Jin, Lee Joon Gi, and EXO’s Kai also guest star in the series.


You can find all eight episodes on YouTube.

Starring: Lee Cho Hee, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook 

8. Page Turner

Page Turner may run for an hour an episode much like most K-Dramas, but fret not because the entire web series only lasts for three episodes. It tells a poignant story following a love triangle between a promising pianist who goes blind after a tragic accident, and the two boys who help her start a new life. 

Catch all episodes on Viu.

Starring:  Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Shin Jae Ha

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