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NASA Reportedly Found Evidence of a Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backwards

Could it be true?
NASA Reportedly Found Evidence of a Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backwards
Could it be true?

Could the The King: Eternal Monarch, and the premise of hundreds of science fiction novels over the years, actually be spot on? A discovery from NASA seems to prove so as a group of scientists working at the Antarctic reported evidence of a parallel universe.

The news currently causing a frenzy throughout social media actually dates back from reports in 2016, and one in 2018 from the University of Hawaii, but is only recently gaining traction after an article from UK-based science magazine New Scientist was published.

According to New Scientist, this apparent alternate earth could be a “mirror world” where “positive is negative, left is right and time runs backwards.” Anyone else reminded of the Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett movie a.k.a. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?

Either way, one thing’s for sure, this mind boggling theory’s a curious one indeed. To start off, the NASA-sponsored research group, which was originally funded to search for “ghostly particles that fill the universe,” came to the probability of parallel world using a purpose-built giant balloon. Dubbed the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna, or ANITA, this massive balloon was released out into the sky above Antarctica while carrying electronic antennas to detect high-energy particles coming down from space. 


Two attempts were made in the span of two years but results came up with nothing. By ANITA’s third flight, the same group of scientists decided to examine the supposed white noise brought back from their previous attempts.

As it turns out, what their antennae detected was nothing close to normal: high energy particles coming up from out of the earth. 

What makes this so peculiar? As per lead investigator Peter Gorham, low-energy, subatomic neutrinos with a mass close to zero can pass through Earth without any problems, but higher-energy objects are stopped by the solid matter of our planet.

Thus, high-energy particles can only be detected if they’re coming “down” from space, as opposed to the significantly heavier particles detected by ANITA that were traveling upwards. According to Gorham, this implies that these particles are actually moving backwards in time.

"The simplest explanation for the phenomenon is that at the moment of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, two universes were formed—ours and one that from our perspective is running in reverse with time going backwards,”  he further suggested in their report.

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However, amid multiple reports on this theory, Jackson Ryan, the science editor of, refutes the idea of a parallel universe. "Scientists haven't actually discovered a parallel universe, but you might think they have, based on multiple reports from across the web," he wrote, citing that there may be varying explanations for the detected phenomenon such as the idea that the "Antarctic ice may itself be giving rise to these anomalous events."

Forbes' Jamie Carter echoes the sentiment, stating how the claims are "all way overblown and misrepresents what the research in question is about." According to his report, "there is zero evidence of what the Daily Star says is 'a parallel universe, right next to ours, where all the rules of physics seem to be operating in reverse.'"

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