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The Price Tag of the First House on the Moon Is Out of This World

Want to escape Earth? It'll cost you.
Space, the final frontier. As SpaceX aims for Mars and NASA makes plans for the Moon, what was once just a possibility—off-world living—is now a certainty. Soon enough, humans will be living in stations and colonies on other planets if they decide

NASA Smuggled a Secret Message to Mars. Here's What It Says

A student cracked the code.
Last week, when NASA’s Perseverance robot dropped through the atmosphere on Mars, it deployed a parachute designed with what seemed like abstract shapes of red and silver. But it actually contained a secret message.According to Allen Chen, designer of the landing system,

Heads Up! A Meteor Shower Will Light Up the Sky Tonight

You wouldn't want to miss this!
Get ready to make a wish because one of the most dazzling meteor showers this year is set to reach its peak tonight, November 17, and will last until the dawn of November 18.TOP STORY: Heart Evangelista Shuts Down Netizens Who Told Her

Yup, Scientists Just Discovered Possible Signs of Life on Venus

The planet is found to have emitted a type of gas that could only be created by microorganisms on Earth.
Something odd is stirring in the atmosphere of our neighboring planet and scientists are just as perplexed as we are.Yesterday, a group of astronomers revealed that they detected Phosphine gas on the cloud decks of Venus, which poses the probability of alien

Orion's Nose Could Be Hiding the Rarest Planet in the Universe

We've been discovering a lot of secrets from Orion lately.
Orion is one of the most recognizable constellations seen from the Northern Hemisphere. Early in 2020, the constellation made headlines when its brightest star Betelgeuse (pronounced “beetle juice”) was observed to be dimming and scientists didn’t know why.Orion brought another surprise when

Comet NEOWISE, the Brightest Comet in 13 Years, is Visible This July

It won't come around again for another 6800 years.
ICYDK an impossibly dazzling entity has been gracing our skies for the past few weeks. Officially dubbed C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) or Comet Neowise for short, it was first discovered on March 27 using the Near-Earth Object Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) space

A Black Hole the Size of Your Fist Could be Hiding in the Solar System

A powerful gravitational anomaly in the solar system has baffled scientists for years.
For many years, a powerful gravitational anomaly in the solar system has baffled scientists, prompting them to theorize that a giant planet more massive than Jupiter is lurking somewhere beyond Neptune and affecting the orbit of objects beyond the last planet as

NASA Released a Time Lapse Video Documenting 10 Years of the Sun

What an amazing sight!
NASA just showcased a decade of the Sun, and we’re positively mesmerized. The agency published the stunning video last June 20 in celebration of the Solar Dynamics Observatory’s (SDO) 10 year anniversary in space. The SDO, which orbits the earth, is designed to

LOOK: Rainbow Clouds Appeared Right After the Eclipse on Father's Day

Such a reassuring sight.
On Father’s Day, parts of the Philippines were plunged into darkness when a solar eclipse occurred late in the afternoon of June 21, 2020.  Such events are steeped in superstition. Some Filipino elders still believe eclipses are omens of death or incoming disasters.But a reassuring