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These Are the Money-Saving Tips Isabelle Daza Swears By

She plays it smart when it comes to money matters!
These Are the Money-Saving Tips Isabelle Daza Swears By
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She plays it smart when it comes to money matters!

Celebrities—they're just like us. They, too, need to think smart about money matters. Isabelle Daza-Semblat understands how tempting it is to impulsively buy a new pair of shoes or a new arm candy, but she also knows that being financially stable is more important. Thus, she always keeps her spending in check. Below, she shares her five effective money-saving tips.

1. Set aside 10% of your monthly salary.

Open a savings account (separate from your expense account) and once your monthly pay rolls in, automatically transfer 10% of it to your savings account.

2. Set a long-term goal.

Creating a long-term goal will prepare your financial situation for the future. List here the big-ticket purchases or investments you want and create a financial plan to achieve it.

3. Look into the banks you get into. 

Compare the interest rates they offer. The higher interest rates they give everytime you deposit something into your savings account, the better.


4. Do meal prep.

It may be a trivial thing to do but it does help! Plan out what you eat per month to have a better handle at your weekly expenses on food. Plus, you can eat healthier!

5. Determine your needs versus your wants.

Stick to your long term goal to get a clearer picture of what you need versus what you want. Remember that with social media becoming a peddler of new things to purchase, you have to be more wary of your financial goals.

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