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6 Local Celebrities Who Shut Down Their Bashers for Age Shaming

6 Local Celebrities Who Shut Down Their Bashers for Age Shaming
IMAGE instagram/alicedixson, genevacruzofficial
These empowered ladies deserve an award for putting disrespectful trolls in their place.

Aging is often a touchy subject. And while it's nothing to be ashamed of—especially for those who are doing so gracefully—social media can be a scary place because pretty much anyone with internet access and the cloak of anonymity can leave a nasty comment or two. In addition to constant body shaming and unrealistic beauty standards, ageist remarks are just as rampant online with bashers shamelessly targeting vulnerable females, particularly celebrities, who are in their late 30s and beyond. 

Thankfully, we have no shortage of empowered women who know just how to shut them down! Below, we put the spotlight on our local celebrities who had the best clapback against bashers and their ageist remarks. Ladies, you do you!

1. Heart Evangelista

heart evangelista reply basher age shaming
PHOTO BY instagram/iamhearte

Heart, who recently wore a daring sheer dress to celebrate her 37th birthday in style, is no stranger to haters. During one of her trips to Italy, the style star and actress posted her adorable travel OOTD wearing a little white dress while surrounded by locally made souvenirs. “When I’m traveling, I always drop by little shops like this for some local finds. There are no better souvenirs than locally-made crafts,” she captioned the photo. A rude netizen, however, left a totally unrelated comment and said that she looked old. "You look like 50 years old (sic)," the user wrote. Keeping calm, Heart managed to still give the troll a graceful response. "I feel like I'm 70, actually," she replied, proving that she's not only stylish but also wise beyond her years. 


2. Alma Concepcion

alma concepcion reply basher age shaming
PHOTO BY instagram/alma.concepcion

The former beauty queen recently put a basher in his place for his ageist remarks. Alma, who still looks like a vision in her mid-40s, didn't back down when a troll called her old or "gurami," taking to her official Facebook page a screencap of their online exchange. "Mas gusto ko na maging 'gurami' kesa maging bata na wala naman respeto sa kapwa," she captioned her post, which also showcased how she gracefully handled the age-shaming. "Aging is a privilege denied to many," she notably replied to the netizen, making it clear that getting old is not something to be ashamed of. Very well said, Alma!

3. Geneva Cruz

geneva cruz reply basher age shaming
PHOTO BY instagram/genevacruzofficial
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Geneva is another celebrity in her 40s who's constantly being targeted by internet trolls. The singer-actress infamously shut down a troll last year who commented on her swimsuit photo, saying, "Wala na. Matanda na." Not letting it slide, she not only had a sassy reply for the basher telling him to "be nice to people," she also took it to her Facebook account to post a lengthy and empowering message about dealing with age shaming. Part of it reads: "I'm 44 years old, but deep inside, I feel younger than those digits. Age is only a number, and you know why I look more youthful than my age? Because I choose to only wish my fellow people love and support....when someone needs uplifting; I'm all for it....I will remind that person that he or she is special. Life is too short to be remembered as someone rude and arrogant."

4. Sunshine Cruz

sunshine cruz reply basher age shaming
PHOTO BY instagram/sunshinecruz718

Similary, Geneva's cousin also had the best clapback against a troll who claimed that she "dresses like a teenager." Sunshine knows that fashion knows no age and handled her basher like a pro after reposting a TikTok video of herself on FB dancing to a viral song and receiving a snide comment that said, "Aywan katanda na ang attire parang teenager." Calmy and still politely addressing the ageist remark with logic and wisdom, the actress schooled the netizen: "Kailangan po ba ang attire ko like yours para masabing tama ang suot? I don't think may chart ang attire according to age," she replied. "Basta happy at confident go lang po! Walang bawal at masama." Preach. Way to go, Sunshine!

5. Bea Alonzo

bea alonzo reply basher age shaming
PHOTO BY Youtube/Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo is further proof that one should never let age-shamers control the narrative. In one of her vlogs reacting to mean comments, the actress addressed a basher who said she's "too old" for one particular endorsement, presumably pertaining to a famous liquor brand who got Bea as its calendar girl for 2021. The comment reportedly said: "Isn't it too late for you to be doing this endorsement? You're old to be a model for this commercial, may kulubot ka na." 

To which, Bea had the best response: "I am 34 years old, I'm about to turn 35 this year and I am proud of it. I am taking care of myself as much as I can. I exercise, I eat healthy, and parang feeling ko proud ako sa itsura ko at 34 years old. Kung kinuha ako ng certain brand, that was actually very flattering for me kasi di ko naman ipinilit yung sarili ko para kuhanin nila ako so I am proud of it."

6. Alice Dixson


PHOTO BY Instagram/alicedixson


Alice Dixson is aging like fine wine, but even she isn't immune to bashers who never run out of negative things to say. Unfazed, she had the best reply to trolls telling her to "act her age," captioning her Instagram selfie: "So my favorite bashers say 'act your age', 'you’re too old for that', blah blah blah. Hahah, I think if I acted my age, I probably wouldn’t look this young. Sorry not sorry," she wrote.


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