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10 Romantic Korean Movies You Can Watch on iQiyi

Need more Korean movies to stream?
10 Romantic Korean Movies You Can Watch on iQiyi
IMAGE April Snow/Show East, Late Autumn/Boram Entertainment
Need more Korean movies to stream?

In case you need more Korean content in your life, streaming platform iQiyi has got you covered. While the site is best known for their original Chinese dramas, they also have quite the library of shows and movies that’s sure to satisfy any K-culture fan’s palette. That said, if you’re particularly searching for films to give you the butterflies for your next movie night, look no further than our list below!

Here are 10 romantic Korean movies you can stream on iQiyi now!

1. Double Patty (2021)

While in the midst of searching for a job, Kang Woo-ram’s life is thrown for a loop when he enters a burger joint and meets wannabe news anchor Lee Hyun-ji. Their relationship is set into motion when Woo-ram orders a double patty hamburger from Hyun-ji, marking the start of a subtle yet sweet romance that will inspire the both of them to do better in their careers.


Starring: Red Velvet’s Irene, Shin Seung Ho

2. Late Autumn (2010)

Anna has been in prison for seven years after killing her irrationally jealous husband. When her mother dies, she’s granted the chance to attend her funeral in Seattle, USA. While on the way there, she meets a man who borrows money from her, not knowing he’s a gigolo on the run from his client’s angry husband. The two spend the day together and fall in love despite the fact that Anna has to return to prison soon.

Starring: Hyun Bin, Rebecca Tang, Kim Joon Sung, Kim Seo Ra

3. Il Mare (2000)

Set in 1999, before leaving her seaside house called “Il Mare,” a voice actress drops a Christmas card inside a magical mailbox. Days later, she’s puzzled to receive an answer from a man who dates his letters with the year 1997. Thus begins a correspondence between the two who’ve somehow lived in the same property but are separated by time two years apart.

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Starring: Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Jung Jae

4. Romance of their Own (2004)

Alternatively titled Temptation of Wolves, this melodrama follows Jung Han-kyung, a country girl forced to move to Seoul after the death of her father. A fish out of water in a new environment, she unknowingly attracts the attention of the two most popular boys in her school, who both start to compete for her affections.

Starring: Kang Dong Won, Lee Chung Ah, Jo Han Sun 

5. Come Rain, Come Shine (2011)

A couple who’ve been married for five years decide to amicably end their relationship when the woman admits she’s leaving her husband for someone else. While she packs for her departure, the pair spend their last day together while a storm rages on outside their home. 

Starring: Hyun Bin, Im Soo Jung, Kim Jee Soo, Kim Joong Ki

6. Always (2011)

Chul-min, a dispirited former boxer who now works as a parking lot attendant, finds new meaning in life when he meets Jung-hwa, a blind telemarketer whose infectiously bright smile and attitude captures his heart.


Starring: So Ji Sub, Han Hyo Joo

7. Spellbound (2011)

When street magician Jo-goo sees a miserable girl named Yu-ri in the crowd during his performance, he makes her the inspiration behind his new horror magic show. As the show becomes an overnight success, Yu-ri ends up working for Jo-goo, unaware of what she did for him. Now famous and successful, Jo-goo sets out to uncover the secret that’s been keeping Yu-ri from forging any kind of relationship with him and his staff.

Starriig: Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ki

8. Man in Love (2014)

Tae-il, a low-life thug, falls in love for the first time while collecting debt from a woman named Ho-jung. However, his newfound bliss is cut short when he’s suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Starring: Hwang Jung Min, Han Hye Jin

9. To My Star (2021)

With his popularity declining, former top actor Kang Seo-joon believes he’s found his lucky charm when he meets and falls for a young restaurant chef named Han Ji-woo. Their love is immediately put to the test when Ji-woo’s more conservative outlook in life clashes with the free-spirited actor’s personality and beliefs.


Starring: Son Woo Hyun, Kim Kang Min

10. April Snow (2005)

When their respective spouses are caught in a car accident together, In-su and Seo-young realize their partners are cheating on them with each other. With the two still comatose, In-sung and Seo-yung decide to stay in a motel near the hospital where they end up bonding over their shared anger and heartbreak, and soon fall in love. But what happens to their growing attraction when In-su’s wife finally wakes up regretting what she’s done?

Starring: Son Ye Jin, Bae Yong Joon, Ryu Seung Soo

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