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The Internet Thinks Seo Dan in "Crash Landing on You" Looks Like Nadine Lustre

The Internet Thinks Seo Dan in "Crash Landing on You" Looks Like Nadine Lustre
Do you see the resemblance?

Is it just us or does Seo Ji-hye of Crash Landing on You look like someone we all know? There's a sense of familiarity every time the 35-year-old Korean actress would appear on-screen as Seo Dan in the hit K-drama—and if you’re also an avid fan of the series, then chances are, you might know what we’re getting at here. We’re talking about Seo Ji-hye’s resemblance to Filipina actress Nadine Lustre!

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Could it be those expressive, almond-shaped eyes? Perhaps their nose? Face shape? Lips? We can’t quite put our finger on it, but even the internet seems to agree that the two actresses could pass off as sisters.

Check out what the netizens are saying on Twitter:

Surely, some of them have noticed. One even called Ji-hye the "Korean version" of Nadine!


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There are also others second-guessing themselves, wondering if they're the only ones who see the uncanny resemblance. (But obviously, they're not alone.)

Meanwhile, there are those who are convinced that they MUST BE doppelgangers.


What's your own take on it?

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