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These Juice Shots Are Healthy Alternatives to Your Daily Coffee

Start your day right with these healthy juice shots!
These Juice Shots Are Healthy Alternatives to Your Daily Coffee
Start your day right with these healthy juice shots!

Vowing to start a healthy lifestlye is easier said done. Caffeine-free, all-green weekly meals sound less than appetizing especially when you're transitioning from fast food to fruits and veggies on the daily. Then again, no one said you had to fully give up your sugar-coated vices completely to build up your immune system. Perhaps all you need to begin your wellness journey is a small dose of nutrients to start your day. Take it from Jusq Ph (read exactly how you think it should be), a burgeoning start-up that offers all natural shot-sized fruit drinks. 

"Each shot is filled with nutrient-dense, benefit-rich ingredients designed for you to experience the transformational results for yourself: fast fat loss, vitality plus energy, bye-bye bloat, plus so much more," founders and sisters Micah and Jill Del Rosario tell Preview. Aside from this, they can also act as fresh alternatives to your coffee runs since they supposedly also double as short term energy boosts.


Dubbed as Jus shots, these drinks are just like your daily dose of vitamin C. Difference is they're flavored enchancers you'd actually enjoy taking whenever you want, whether you're drinking them straight from the bottle, or mixing them into your smoothies or cocktails.

We talk to Micah and Jill about the other benefits of their JUS shots, the ingredients that go into them, how much you should take in a day, and more! 

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What is Jusq all about and how did it start out?

Let Sh*t Go. That’s the mantra sisters Micah and Jill shared. They are committed to squeezing the most out of life (pun intended!) with their daily dose of only the best organic and raw nutrient-filled Jus shots. Cold-pressed in small artisanal batches, each shot is made from locally sourced produce, handpicked from small farms around the Philippines. 

It all started when Micah was feeling tired and rundown after a long trip. She happened upon ginger shots while she was looking at juice cleanse recipes, and the rest is history. After experiencing a full body revival, she made it her mission to spread that same feeling with the world.

Micah shared her experience with her equally health conscious and entrepreneurial sister, Jill. She was immediately on board to bring Jusq to life. Since then, they've been continuously reinventing ways to deliver naturally restorative ingredients to people everywhere.


What's the story behind the name?

"Jusq means 'Juice Ko.' We want our customers to feel that they own their juices, literally. That they’re ready to take the steps they’ve been wanting to let go of what's holding them back (hence, 'let shit go'), reset their health and get into the best shape of their life. We want them to know they get something that's actually working in the world of wellness, with the support of a like-minded community who wants to see them succeed. That they’re in the right place by trying out our Jus shots."


Considering they're 100% organic, what ingredients go into your drinks?

"There's no fooling around, we care about your wellness goal or need. Our products are plant-based, cold-pressed, gluten-free, and have no additivesno BS."

Could you enumerate their benefits? 

"Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or recovering couch potato, your body needs fuel to function. The right boost at the right time can give you what you need to be energized, vibrant, and feel good. Each shot is filled with nutrient-dense, benefit-rich ingredients designed for you to experience the transformational results for yourself: fast fat loss, vitality plus energy, bye-bye bloat, plus so much more."


Why did you choose to package them in small shots as opposed to full drinks?

"These tiny juice shots promise to deliver a quick dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in tasty liquid form. Each delivers a short-term pick-me-up, which is an excellent alternative to an afternoon caffeine fix or an energy drink. It covers a spectrum of wellness needs, from digestive enhancement to increasing nutrient absorption." 


How much should you drink in a day?

"There is no limit. You can take as much as you can depending on your need."

Can you mix it with other drinks? If so, would you have any recommendations?

"Since, our Jus shots are dense, power-packed and might give you a 'wowza' response after drinking it, we recommend mixing it with a glass of water if it’s too strong for first timers. Our shots are good mixers for smoothies, salad dressing, and even cocktails!"

May we know what the packaging of your drinks are made of?

"As of now, our packing is made out of IDP Plastic. But don’t fret, we’re in the works of switching to PET Bottles soon. We do strive to live up with our zero waste initiative every day. Shipping is on us on your next order when you send us back your bottles. You can either send it back to the rider when you order again or you can drop them off at our main office in Quezon City."


What flavors can customers get? Any plans on adding more?

As of now, Jusq has four flavors: 

  • Kickstarter: Immune Support, Anti- Inflammatory, Anti Bacterial & Weight Management (Lemon, Turmeric, Coconut Water, Black Pepper)
  • Sweet Revenge: Aids Skin Issues, Boosts Immune System & Provides Natural Boost (Strawberry, Ginger, Lemon) 
  • Energy Booster: Antioxidant, Vitamin C Rich, Supports Digestion & Regulates Blood Pressure (Spirulina, Pineapple, Orange)
  • Toxin Ninja: Speeds Up Metabolism, Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels & Energy Booster (Lemon, Cayenne, Chia, Apple Cider Vinegar)

"We launch new flavors every month!"

Jusq's products are available for delivery online. Visit their Instagram and Facebook pages to learn more!

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