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All the Best Ji Chang Wook Dramas You Need to Watch Right Now

Can't get enough of this Hallyu heartthrob?
All the Best Ji Chang Wook Dramas You Need to Watch Right Now
IMAGE The K2/TVN, Empress Ki/MBC, Suspicious Partner/SBS
Can't get enough of this Hallyu heartthrob?

If you're a Ji Chang Wook stan, then for sure you're always on the hunt for new content that will satisfy your fangirl heart. Luckily, this Hallyu star already has quite the intriguing repertoire under his belt. From crime thrillers, historical dramas, to fantasy rom-coms, Chang Wook has done them all—and the best part is they’re all available to watch online, too!

Check out his most popular starring roles below.

1. Empress Ki (2013)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu

A show that put Chang Wook's name on the map, this epic historical drama centers on Empress Ki. Once a nameless Goryeo-born woman, she rises up social ranks after being taken to the Mongol Empire against her will, and ends up marrying Yuan dynasty emperor Ta Hwan as portrayed by Chang Wook. The actor even contributed to the the drama's official soundtrack with the song To the Butterfly.

Also starring: Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Ji Han


2. Healer (2014)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu

Seo Jung-hoo (Chang Wook) is an illegal night courier known to his clients as "Healer”. He makes bank through his underground business by executing his customer's bidding for the right price, as long as it doesn't involve murder. Despite his prior success, Jung-hoo ends up in a compromising position when his next case leads him to a tabloid writer and a famous reporter, both of which he shares a complicated past that puts them all in danger. 

Also starring: Park Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae

3. The K2 (2016)

Watch on: Netflix, Viu

After being framed for his girlfriend's murder, mercenery soldier Kim Je-ha (Chang Wook) returns to Korea from Iraq and seeks revenge on the man who he believes actually had his lover killed. In order to do so he agrees to be the bodyguard to high-profile personality Choi Yoo-jin, a company owner and the wife of presidential candidate Jang Se-joon. Things get complicated quick when Je-ha is soon assigned to protect Se-joon's illegitimate daughter Go An-na who he ends up developing feelings for.

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Also starring: Im YoonA, Song Yoon Ah, Jo Sung Ha

4. Suspicious Partner (2017)

Watch on:  Viu

Chang Wook portrays prosecutor Noh Ji-wook on Suspicious Partner. The story starts as he’s mistaken for a molester by prosecutor trainee Eun Bong-hee. The pair soon remedy the awkward misunderstanding and find themselves working together to catch a psychopathic murderer on the loose where Bong-hee turns up as a suspect.

Also starring: Nam Ji Hyun, Cho Tae Joon, Kwon Nara

5. Melting Me Softly (2019)

Watch on: Viu

A romantic comedy with a twist, Melting Me Softly trails the lives of a man and woman who partake in a 24-Hour Frozen Human Project for a variety show. The problem is instead of waking up a day later, the pair come back to their senses after a whole 20 years have passed. With their apperances staying the same, and their loved ones having aged, they now have to navigate the new world they've woken up in.


Also starring: Won Jin Ah, Yoon Se Ah, Im Won Hee

6. Backstreet Rookie (2020)

Watch on: iQIYI

Based on the webtoon series Convenience Store Saet-byul, Backstreet Rookie tells the story of 29-year-old convenience store manager Choi Dae-hyun and his part-time worker Jung Saet-byul. The two met three years ago when Saet-byul was still a trouble-making highschooler. They cross paths once again and find themselves working together at Dae-hyun's family-owned convenience store.

Also starring: Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Min Kyu, Ahn Sol Bin

Bonus: City Couple's Way of Love (2020)

The actor was just recently confirmed for the lead role in KakaoTV’s upcoming original drama, City Couple’s Way of Love, the first season of which will be titled My Lovable Camera Thief.  He will play the role of Park Chae Won, an architect who loves the city. He encounters a “camera thief” one summer night and has been unable to forget her since. Chang Wook will star alongside Kim Ji Won, who will take on the role of Lee Eun Oh, “a freelance marketer who spontaneously decides to adopt a false identity in an unfamiliar place.”

ji chang wook city couple's of way of love
Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won confirmed to star in upcoming drama "City Couple Way of Love"
PHOTO BY SBS/Backstreet Rookie, KBS2/Fight for My Way

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