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Hidilyn Diaz Can Now Travel the World for Free and for Life

Now that's a perk worthy of a gold medal.
Hidilyn Diaz Can Now Travel the World for Free and for Life
IMAGE Instagram/hidilyndiaz, Philippine Airlines
Now that's a perk worthy of a gold medal.

Sure, Hidilyn Diaz might be coming home to a cash prize worth over 30 million pesos after her victory at the Tokyo Olympics. She's also receiving a house and lot, and a multi-million-peso condominium in the city at that. Those are all fair and good—she did end a 97-year long Olympic gold medal dry spell for the Philippines, after all.

But out of the long (and growing) list of perks the Olympian has been receiving, there is one gift category that can make anyone green with envy: Hidilyn can now travel the world for free, forever. No, really.

As of July 27, the weightlifting gold medalist has been awarded lifetime flights and miles by Philippine Airlines and AirAsia. The airlines posted their respective announcements on social media, both earning a slew of congratulatory comments and "sana all"s.

According to Philippine Airlines, Hidilyn will be their first ever "forever flyer." She will receive 80,000 free miles from the airline every year, for the rest of her life.


If you think that's amazing, AirAsia's gift to the Olympian will make your jaw drop even lower. That's because the airline is offering Hidilyn an entire lifetime of free flights. This isn't the first time AirAsia extended this kind of generosity to our champ either, because they also awarded Hidilyn with five years worth of unlimited flights when she won silver at the Rio Olympics in 2016!

We'd actually be jealous, but we're not the ones who smoothly lifted a 127kg barbell and led the entire country to global acclaim.

Congratulations, Hidilyn!

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